• Villa Academy, ca. 1977

    Villa Academy, ca. 1977

    Sacred Heart's Villa. Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Currently called Villa Academy.

    Identifier: spl_pc_00303

    Date: 1977?

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  • Come by Sail, Rail, or Hit the Trail! The Golden Potlatch, June 14, 1911

    Come by Sail, Rail, or Hit the Trail! The Golden Potlatch, June 14, 1911

    Postcard advertising the Golden Potlatch Festival, featuring three images on front showing the Seattle waterfront, a forest road and King Street Station. Transcribed from postcard: "A Hot Time in a Cool Place - Come! Seattle's Great Carnival Week of July 17th, 1911 Welcome!" Printed on back of postcard: "51. July 17, 1897, the steamer Portland arrived in Seattle bringing $500,000 in gold dust, the first proof of the rich strikes in the North. Within twenty-four hours the greatest gold rush of modern time was under way."

    Identifier: spl_pc_36038

    Date: 1911-06-14

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  • New Washington Hotel, ca. 1909

    New Washington Hotel, ca. 1909

    Transcribed from spl_pc_00802: "In the heart of the theatrical and shopping district. Seattle's leading commercial & tourist hotel, all rooms with private bath. Tariff $3.00 per day and up. J.C. Marmaduke, Manager H.R. Warner. Ass't. Manager."

    Identifier: spl_pc_00823

    Date: 1909?

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  • Welsh Presbyterian Church, July 19, 1907

    Welsh Presbyterian Church, July 19, 1907

    Transcribed from postcard: "Welsh Presbyterian Church-10th Ave. N. and John St., Seattle, Wash., J. Michael Hughes, Pastor." The first Seattle Welsh Presbyterian Church was originally built in 1893 on Olive Way. As the congregation expanded, they needed a larger space and soon built a new structure in 1907 at 10th Ave. N. and E. John Street. The postcard includes a photograph of J. Michael Hughes who served as the church's pastor between 1891-1894 and 1905-1912.

    Identifier: spl_pc_00324

    Date: 1907-07-19

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  • Hotel Lincoln, 1904

    Hotel Lincoln, 1904

    Hotel Lincoln was constructed in 1900 at the corner of 4th Avenue and Madison Street. The hotel was destroyed in a fire in 1920.

    Identifier: spl_pc_00804

    Date: 1904

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  • King Street Station, ca. 1906

    King Street Station, ca. 1906

    During the early 1900s, there was increasing interest in connecting railroads with Seattle.The high demand and competition between railways resulted in two railway stations being built directly next to each other at 4th Avenue and Jackson Street. King Street Station (which is depicted in this postcard) was constructed in 1906 and can be distinguished by its tower. Union Station, originally known as the Oregon and Washington Station, was constructed in 1911. (Alternative names for Union Station include the Union Depot and the Northern Pacific Great Northern Depot.) Confusingly, both stations were sometimes referred to as "union stations" due to the fact that multiple railroad lines were shared within the same terminal. For a good example of the differences between Union Station and King Street Station see spl_pc_01011 where Union Station appears in the foreground and King Street Station appears in the background.

    Identifier: spl_pc_01003

    Date: 1906?

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  • Medical Dental Building, ca. 1925

    Medical Dental Building, ca. 1925

    The Medical Dental Building was constructed in 1925 and expanded in 1950. Initial plans for expansion during the 1930s were put on hold due to the Great Depression. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2006.

    Identifier: spl_pc_00900

    Date: 1925?

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  • Hotel Seattle at James St. and Yesler Way, March 1, 1907

    Hotel Seattle at James St. and Yesler Way, March 1, 1907

    Located in Pioneer Square at the intersection of Yesler Way, James Street and First Avenue, Hotel Seattle was constructed in 1890. It replaced the Occidental Hotel which burned down in the fire of 1889. In 1891, the building served as home to the Seattle Public Library. Around the time of the construction of the nearby Smith Tower in 1914, Hotel Seattle was converted from hotel use to an office building. By 1961, the building was abandoned and later torn down and replaced with a parking garage. This instigated a historic preservation movement in the Pioneer Square area to preserve other historic buildings before they could be demolished.

    Identifier: spl_pc_00820

    Date: 1907-03-01

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  • Perry Hotel, ca. 1910

    Perry Hotel, ca. 1910

    Located at Madison Street and Boren Avenue, the Perry Hotel, also known as the Perry Apartments, was built in 1907. In 1916, the building was renovated to become the Columbus Sanitarium and renamed once again to Cabrini Hospital in the 1960s. The building was demolished in 1996.

    Identifier: spl_pc_00817

    Date: 1910?

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  • Swedish Tabernacle at Bellevue Ave. and E. Pike St., ca. 1915

    Swedish Tabernacle at Bellevue Ave. and E. Pike St., ca. 1915

    Nowell, Frank H., 1864-1950

    Located at the corner of Bellevue Avenue and Pike Street, construction on the Swedish Tabernacle Church was completed in 1906 under the guidance of the architect, John A. Creutzer.

    Identifier: spl_pc_00314

    Date: 1915?

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