Confidentiality of Patron Information

The Seattle Public Library protects the confidentiality of patron information as part of its commitment to intellectual freedom. Confidentiality and privacy are essential to free speech, free thought and free association.

Borrower Records
Confidentiality extends to all records with identifying information about patrons, including their requests for information and materials and their loan transactions. It also includes their use of Library computers and the online sites and resources they access. The Library will keep patron information confidential and will not disclose this information except as necessary for the proper operation of the Library, upon consent of the patron, pursuant to subpoena or court order, or as otherwise required by law.

Third Party Partners
The Library works with third party partners to provide certain services to Library patrons. Information a patron submits to the Library may be provided to these third parties so they can assist the Library in providing certain services. Patrons are encouraged to read and become familiar with the privacy policies of these third party partners.

External Websites
The Library website also contains links to external websites not maintained by the Library. The Library cannot be responsible for patron privacy when visiting other websites. Once patrons link to another website, they are no longer subject to the Library's Confidentiality of Patron Information policy, but the privacy policy or statement, if any, of the website they have linked to.

This policy applies to all Library patrons. The parents or legal guardians of patrons under the age of 13 may have access to their child's borrowing record. Otherwise, this policy fully applies to minor patrons.

Related Laws, Policies and Procedures
Administrative Procedure, Ensuring Confidentiality of Patron Information.

Supersedes Confidentiality of Borrower Records adopted Oct. 31, 2012. Supersedes Confidentiality of Library Borrower Information dated Sept. 22, 2010. Supersedes Confidentiality Policy dated Jan. 22, 2002 and revised October 2002. Supersedes Confidentiality of Library User Records Policy adopted July 21, 1980 and revised Aug. 24, 1999.

Date Adopted: April 22, 2015
Supersedes Policy: Confidentiality of Borrower Records adopted Oct. 31, 2012