Online Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

  • Library card required AP Stylebook Online This online version of the official Associated Press Stylebook is searchable, customizable and updated regularly. It offers writing guidelines for spelling, usage, punctuation and style. Includes access to Webster's New World College Dictionary.
  • Library card required Britannica Library The Encyclopedia Britannica online, plus a dictionary, thesaurus, world atlas, the full text of current magazine and journal articles, live feeds from a variety of news sources and much more.
  • Library card required Britannica Library: Children Encyclopedia Britannica for Kids. Offers thousands of articles, images, videos and more to help students from kindergarten through high school learn about the world.
  • Library card required Dictionary of American Regional English Discover how words, phrases and pronunciations vary from one place to another across the United States.
  • Library card required Oxford English Dictionary Explore the history and meaning of English words. Includes more than 600,000 words dating back over a thousand years.