• King Street Station, ca. 1911

    King Street Station, ca. 1911

    During the early 1900s, there was increasing interest in connecting railroads with Seattle. The high demand and competition between railways resulted in two railway stations being built directly next to each other at 4th Avenue and Jackson Street. King Street Station (which is depicted in this postcard) was constructed in 1906 and can be distinguished by its tower. Union Station, originally known as the Oregon and Washington Station, was constructed in 1911. (Alternative names for Union Station include the Union Depot and the Northern Pacific Great Northern Depot.) Confusingly, both stations were sometimes referred to as "union stations" due to the fact that multiple railroad lines were shared within the same terminal. For a good example of the differences between Union Station and King Street Station see spl_pc_01011 where Union Station appears in the foreground and King Street Station appears in the background.

    Identifier: spl_pc_01013

    Date: 1911

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  • Northern Life Tower, ca. 1930

    Northern Life Tower, ca. 1930

    One of the tallest and most beautiful buildings of the West, is the home of the Northern Life Insurance Co., originators of the Complete Coverage Insurance Policy Idea. The building stand at the corner of Third Avenue and University Street, Seattle, 429 feet above sea level and commands a sweeping view of the Puget Sound country. [Constructed between 1928 and 1929.]

    Identifier: spl_pc_00228

    Date: 1930?

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  • Washington Hotel, 1903

    Washington Hotel, 1903

    The Washington Hotel (originally called the Denny Hotel) as it appeared at its location on 3rd Avenue and Stewart Street before the Denny Regrade. Construction of The Denny Hotel started in 1889 but was stopped with only the exterior completed when the Panic of 1893 hit. James A. Moore purchased the property, renaming it the Washington Hotel, but was only able to operate it for a short time before the Denny Regrade forced it to close. The initial regrade lasted from 1902 to 1911 and sluiced much of the land that the hotel originally stood on down into Elliott Bay.

    Identifier: spl_pc_00827

    Date: 1903

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  • Bow Lake Trailer Town, ca. 1960

    Bow Lake Trailer Town, ca. 1960

    Mood, George

    Transcribed from postcard: "18050 32nd Ave., So. Ch 4 4755. Across U.S. 99 from Sea-Tac International Airport. Mobile living as its best. The only 5 star park in the northwest."

    Identifier: spl_pc_00101

    Date: 1960?

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  • Seattle waterfront, ca. 1915

    Seattle waterfront, ca. 1915

    Transcribed from front of postcard: "Seaport of Seattle, showing the 42 Story L.C. Smith Building and central portion of Water Front." Transcribed from back of postcard: "42- Story L.C. Smith Building Seattle. Great View from Observation Floor and Balcony."

    Identifier: spl_pc_00211

    Date: 1915?

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  • New Washington Hotel, ca. 1909

    New Washington Hotel, ca. 1909

    Transcribed from spl_pc_00802: "In the heart of the theatrical and shopping district. Seattle's leading commercial & tourist hotel, all rooms with private bath. Tariff $3.00 per day and up. J.C. Marmaduke, Manager H.R. Warner. Ass't. Manager."

    Identifier: spl_pc_00823

    Date: 1909?

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  • Young Women's Christian Association at 5th Ave. and Seneca St.

    Young Women's Christian Association at 5th Ave. and Seneca St.

    Nowell, Frank H., 1864-1950

    Opened in 1914 and led by Mrs. Rees Daniels, the YWCA headquarters was a support center for young working women. The eight-story brick building still serves as the YWCA headquarters today.

    Identifier: spl_pc_00500

    Date: 1915?

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  • Elk's Hall at 4th Ave. and Spring St., ca. 1910

    Elk's Hall at 4th Ave. and Spring St., ca. 1910

    Street view of Elk's Hall on Fourth Ave. and Spring Street.

    Identifier: spl_pc_00503

    Date: 1910?

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  • Residences on Capitol Hill, ca. 1905

    Residences on Capitol Hill, ca. 1905

    Street view of residences on Capitol Hill.

    Identifier: spl_pc_00606

    Date: 1905?

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  • Providence Hospital, ca. 1911

    Providence Hospital, ca. 1911

    Between 1907 and 1912, Seattle's Providence Hospital built a large new brick building, at a cost of one million dollars. Designed by Somervell & Cote, it was a full-service hospital with six operating rooms and a nursing school.

    Identifier: spl_pc_00904

    Date: 1911

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