• Earshot Jazz, v.9, no.7, Aug. 1993

    Earshot Jazz, v.9, no.7, Aug. 1993

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with biography excerpts about the young jazz musicians John Silverman and Matt Jorgensen who have leaving Seattle for Manhattan and Paris, page 1 by Andrew Freund. Earshot Sundays at Jazz Alley are announced on page 2. On page 3, Daniel Barry discusses the skill set that of musical literacy that spans genres and eras. The Earshot Jazz Scholarship program has a brief article on page 3. On page 10, Bruce Greeley, Steve Robinson, and Dan Sapinkopf review live performances of the Du Maurier International Jazz Festival and Babkas. Earshot Jazz reviews the albums Among Friends by Barney McClure, and Babkas by Babkas. Cover art consists of photographs of John Silverman and Matt Jorgensen.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1993_09_07

    Date: 1993-08

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.25, no.7, Jul. 2009

    Earshot Jazz, v.25, no.7, Jul. 2009

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    In this issue Peter Walton begins with a profile on the musical group Speak Up, how they have evolved to create a unique identity under Cuong Vu's leadership, page 4. Earshot notes on the Northwest Jazz Festivals coming up in summer and fall of 2009 compiles by Peter Walton, page 9. Danielle Dias catches up with Clark Gayton, the talented multi-instrumentalist through his experiences as a musician starting as a high schooler, page 11. Peter Monaghan previews the Second Century performance series as a series for musicians to greater their playing and to expand our ears as listeners - along with a line-up of musicians we should expect, page 14. Jessica Davis previews Jazz Port Townsend - the week long intense jazz learning through workshops by professional jazz performers with faculty performance to end the week, page 16. Earshot previews the Sounds Outside, a musical celebration that unites the community with many different performances from incredible musicians, page 17. Chris Robinson reviews two CDs, We Couldn't Agree More by Bill Anschell/ Brent Jensen and The Second Set by Ambience Jazz Quartet, page 19.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2009_25_07

    Date: 2009-07

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.13, no.6, Jun. 1997

    Earshot Jazz, v.13, no.6, Jun. 1997

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with notes on the Roosevelt Jazz Program and its ensembles, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Steve Korn, Marc Seales, Hans Fahling, Jonathan Sampson, Polly Withers, Julian Priester, Craig Flory, Paul Woltz, John Wicks, Brian Kirk, Cindy Hughen, Sunny Murray, Mark Sullo, Wall of Sound, Savoy Swing, Clipper Andreson, Steve Rice, Evan Buehler, and Dan Wickham, page 3. Peter Monaghan introduces a new column that will appear in the newsletter, one that will discuss and explain fundamental terms, ideas, or histories of jazz, page 3. Summer Jazz festivals are listed and discussed on page 5, including the Spokane Dixieland Jazz Festival, Britt Festivals, Jazzfest International, Calgary International Jazz Festival, Du Maurier International Jazz Festival Montana Traditional Jazz Festival, Jazz City International Jazz Festival, All That Jazz Festival, Olympia America's Festival, Heritage Festival, KPLU/Starbucks Cruises, Jazz Port Townsend, San Juan Classic Jazz Festival, Banff Arts Festival, Earshot Jazz Summer Sundays at the Mural, Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz, Whidbey Island Dixieland Jazz Festival, Water Music Festival - Jazz & Oysters, Newport Jazz on the Water Festival, Great Falls Dixieland Festival, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, High Mountains Dixieland Jazz Festival, and Medford Jazz Jubilee. Nicole Vergel de Dios is featured in an 'Up and Coming' artist biography, page 8 by Van Diep. Beginning on page 10, various concerts are discussed in brief articles, featuring the Local 76-493 union benefit concert, Garfield High School Jazz Ensemble, Health Education AIDS Liaison Jazz Festival benefit, University of Washington Studio Jazz Ensemble I and II, Roosevelt Jazz Band, Chen Chen Ho, Brainstun, Jazz in Seward Park, the Kenny Werner Trio, John McLaughlin, Greta Matassa, and the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (SRJO). Earshot announces artists and groups in the upcoming Living Spirit of Jazz and Eastside Showcase series, including Roosevelt High School Jazz Band, Andre Thomas and Quietfire, Janis Mann, Garfield High School Jazz Band, Frank Marocco, Joe Koplin Quintet, and Eric Ring Group. The first instance of the new 'Music Lesson' column is written on page 20 by Lynette Westendorf, discussing and teaching on musical modes. Cover art is an illustration of a man performing on piano with various shapes and objects in the frame, credit to Danijel Zezelj.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1997_13_06

    Date: 1997-06

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.5, no.10, Nov. 1989

    Earshot Jazz, v.5, no.10, Nov. 1989

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with a description of the November 7th kick off of Earshot jazz's fall series, page 1. Earshot's Sandra Burlingame interviews Sonny Booker, a company executive and an all around entrepreneur - the talented musicians he was associated with and thrilling adventures the music scene brought him, page 6. Earshot notes on The Puget Sound Jazz Ensemble and their recent CD release, Todd Campbell page 6. Cover art of Oliver Lake, page 1.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1989_05_10

    Date: 1989-11

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.11, no.4, Apr. 1995

    Earshot Jazz, v.11, no.4, Apr. 1995

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article about John Coltrane's recording history and experience in Seattle, page 1 by Keith Raether. On page 4, John Gilbreath discusses the latest activities of the Local 493 band and the jazz education program 'Roots of Jazz'. The Western Jazz Presenters Network is featured and discussed on page 5 by John Gilbreath. Larry Coryell is featured in relation to his upcoming residency at the Cornish College of the Arts, page 6. Jovino Santos Neto will be performing with his quartet at Cornish, and Stefan Senna discusses the Brazilian background and influence to his music, page 6. Trilok Gurtu returns to Seattle for perform, and his biography is featured on page 7 by Stefan Senna. Peter Monaghan discusses budgeting plans for the Bumbershoot festival as management and funding sources shift, page 8. Frank Zappa's music, featured at the Seattle Symphony Orchestra concert by Joel Thome is discussed on page 9 by Stefan Senna. On page 11, Jazz Alley presents the upcoming artists at the Living Spirit of Jazz series, featuring the Vinny Golia Trio, Edmonia Jarrett, the Marc Seales Project, and the Julian Priester Quartet. Jim Knodle writes a performance review of Rick Mandyck and the Greg Keplinger Duo on page 15. Earshot Jazz reviews the albums Land of Ever by Eyra Campbell, Beautiful Love by Jay Clayton and Fred Hersch, At Maybeck by Fred Hersch, Vibrations in Time by Unity, Talking Candles by Donna Caires, Nic Manson Trio by Nick Manson, It's About Time by Collaboration, Commemoration by the Vinny Golia Large Ensemble, and Study - Witch Gong Game by Barry Guy and the NOW Orchestra, page 16. Cover art is a photograph of John Coltrane on soprano saxophone.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1995_11_04

    Date: 1995-04

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.14, no.2, Feb. 1998

    Earshot Jazz, v.14, no.2, Feb. 1998

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article by Peter Monaghan on the new Tonehole Music Festival in Seattle, page 1. Notes focus on Earshot Jazz announces upcoming artists, groups, and events in their Living Spirit of Jazz series and Eastside Showcase series, including The Imperials Music and Youth Benefit, Kelley Johnson CD Release Party, Steve Korn Quintet, and Radio Chongching, page 9. Highlight performances for this month include Kerouac-No Jack, Other Sounds, Re-Creation, Pat Metheny Group, Pocketfull o'Brass, Pipa Jazz, School Fest, Max Roach w/ Brass, Winard Harper, Horvitz/Bisio Duo, and Hans Fahling, page 11. Wally Shoup discusses the difference between jazz and free improvisation, page 12. Earshot Jazz reviews the albums Timothy Young and Very Special People by Timothy Young, and Stinkhorn by Stinkhorn, page 15. Cover art is a collage/illustration by Daniel Zezelj.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1998_14_02

    Date: 1998-02

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.26, no.6, Jun. 2010

    Earshot Jazz, v.26, no.6, Jun. 2010

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    In this issue Danielle Bias congratulates the Garfield High School Jazz Band with their record- setting fourth win at the Essentially Ellington High School Jazz Band Competition and Festival, page 5. Peter Walton writes on the new venue Cafe Racer and the Racer Sessions, weekly jam sessions with a unique structure, page 6. Peter Walton previews the Donny McCaslin Trio and highlights Donny McCaslin's musicianship and musical power during his performances, page 8. Peter Monaghan writes an overview to the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and highlights some of his performance recommendation during the festival, page 11. Peter Walton previews the Northwest Jazz Festivals Summer & Fall 2010, with every festival and some highlighted artists. Saxophonist Matso Limtiaco writes on a practice this column about how to build string listening habits, page 23. Cover photo is a photograph of Clarence Acox and the Garfield High School Jazz Band, taken by Daniel Sheehan.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2010_26_06

    Date: 2010-06

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.8, no.1, Feb. 1992

    Earshot Jazz, v.8, no.1, Feb. 1992

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article on Joe Henderson and the Local 493 Reunion Band that will perform at Festival Sundiata, Joseph Murphy page 1. Sandra Burlingame writes on guitarist, John Stowell and his originality he brings to jazz along with his many accomplishments throughout his career, page 1. A message from Sandra Burlingame as she passes the baton to John Elwood as she steps down as editor, page 2. Dean Hodges explains his techniques for playing jazz and ways to adapt to whoever you are making music with, Andrew Freund page 3. Earshot notes on live reviews from: The Room To Move Sextet, Spontaneous Composition Ensemble and Bert Wilson & Rebirth, Steve Robinson and Ray Kelleher page 6-7. Earshot highlights notable releases: Jay Clayton's, Live at Jazz Alley, Jazz Police's, Freedom of Music; Bill Frisell Band's, Where in the World?, Bill Frisell's, In Line; Randy Halberstadt's, Inner Voice; Roosevelt Jazz '91, Bag of Dreams, Rufus Reid, Greta Matassa's, Got a Song That I Sing; Carter Jefferson and Jessica William's, ...And Then, There's This and Heartland, Joseph Murphy, Andrew Freund, Sandra Burlingame, Roberta Penn, John Elwood, and Gary Bannister page 10-16. Cover art of Joe Henderson, page 1. Photo of Dean Hodges and Chuck Deardorf, page 3. Photo of john Stowell playing the guitar, page 5. Photo of The Room To Move Sextet at a live performance, page 6. Photo of the Spontaneous Composition Ensemble, page 7. Photo of the Local 493 Reunion Band at the Festival Sundiata, page 8. Photo of Greta Mastassa singing at her album release party, page 14.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1992_08_01

    Date: 1992-02

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.17, no.7, Jul. 2001

    Earshot Jazz, v.17, no.7, Jul. 2001

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article about this year's jazz festival, building hype about The line-up and what is expected from each performance, page 2. Earshot notes on some of the worst gigs that musicians have ever had, with personal stories from some musicians themselves, page 4. John Ewing interviewed vibist, percussionist and composer Ben Thomas, highlighting his style as a musician and his new CD release, page 7. Port Townsend's Centrum Jazz Festival is a great opportunity for jazz musicians to come together - this article highlights the workshops, performances and some of the talented faculty that attend, page 9. Mt. Hood Festival of jazz showcases local and regional talent - as the rest of the article has biographies of some of the musicians set to perform, page 11. Andrew Bartlett write a preview on Woody Allen and the New Orleans Jazz Band, page 16. Ken Burns PBS Blockbuster Series, Jazz has been put to an end, with some last remarks from listeners and readers of Earshot Jazz Magazine the series shall not be forgotten, page 17. Earshot previews a few albums: PAIRS!, Avalon, Oregon in Moscow, and Pride and Joy, thanks to Marc Fleury page 22. Cover art illustrations by Danijel Zezelj.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2001_17_07

    Date: 2001-07

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.16, no.3, Mar. 2000

    Earshot Jazz, v.16, no.3, Mar. 2000

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article with audience responses about what kinds of Jazz they want to hear on the radio, page 1 by Peter Monaghan. Notes in this issue feature Other Sounds, Wally Shoup, Dennis Rea, Christopher DeLaurenti, The Tentacle, Steve Cavit, Tonehold Music Festival, Eric Boyer, Jessica Lurie, Arne Livingston, Dale Fanning, Daylights, Lee Townsend, Shelly Doty, Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet, Jay Clayton, Sonarchy Radio, Disjunkt, Mabuse, Troy Swanson, Aric Effron, No Room For Squares, KBCS-FM, Kristen Walsh, Centrum, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Ernie Watts, Bill Mays, Gerald Wilson, Festival All-Star Band, Kelly's, and Red Kelly, page 3. Highlight performances for the month include African Transformations festival, Jazz Talk 2000, Thekla performances, Livings Daylights with Shelley Doty, Uri Caine, Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, David Murray, and Tula's piano, beginning page 18. Earshot Jazz announces upcoming artists, groups, and events in their Voice & Vision series, including Michael Bisio, Charles Gocher, Eyvind Kang, Scott Fields, Peggy Lee, Dylan van der Schyff, Rebreather, Project W, Quartett, Colin Skerritt, Axolotl, Bill Horist, Michael Moore, Cor Fuhler, and Tristan Honsinger. Earshot Jazz reviews The High County by Marriott Jazz Quintet. Cover art is an illustration by Mary Christie of a radio with music notes flying out.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2000_16_03

    Date: 2000-03

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