• Earshot Jazz, v.33, no.5, May 2017

    Earshot Jazz, v.33, no.5, May 2017

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with notes on Wayne Horvitz, Paul Rucker, and the May schedule for Sonarchy with Doug Haire, page 4. Stuart MacDonald is featured on page 6 in an artist biography by Steve Griggs. The Earshot Jazz Spring Series highlights Gerald Clayton and Helen Sung in the last two performances of the series, page 8. Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra (SWOJO)'s performance with Christine Jensen is discussed on page 10. IMPFest by the Improvised Music Project at the University of Washington is featured on page 11. The Ballard Jazz Festival is presented on page 13 by Sara Jones. The Couth Buzzard Books Jazz Festival is discussed on page 14 by Jean Mishler. The Bellevue Jazz & Blues Festival is featured on page 16 by Halynn Blanchard. Earshot Jazz reviews recent albums by Frank Kohl and duende libre, page 17. Additional performances are listed on page 18. Cover art is a photograph of Stuart MacDonald.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2017_33_05

    Date: 2017-05

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.4, no.6, Jul. 1988

    Earshot Jazz, v.4, no.6, Jul. 1988

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with Sandra Burlingame's profile of Gene Harris - his introduction to jazz, musical success, and life as a musician, page 1. Joseph Murphy dives in to School Blues II - the continuous issue that Seattle public schools are facing with budget cuts and the sacrifices being made to music programs, page 1. Earshot says arrivederci to Jerry Granelli, but hopes to see him back in the Northwest soon, Sandra Burlingame page 2. Earshot has notes on live performances around the city by Ralph Towner, Aspects with Al Hood, Jay Weaver, and Doug Lilla, Dance and Jazz - with the Seattle Jazz Festival coming up, Joseph Murphy, Ted Dzilak, Taina Honkalehto, Sandy Burlingame, and Bob Mariano page 4-5. The 'New Jazz, New City' preview spring series closes as musicians throw down incredible performances with Enormous Radio, Paul de Barros page 12. Sandy Burlingame profiles Dee Daniels, with excitement for her coming back to Seattle - with a long journey of music she grounded herself as a talented and respected vocalist, page 13. Herb Levy reviews Paul Ellingson's album; Solo Jazz Piano, Volume One as there being very little musically, page 14. Tom Collier's album - Illusion gives listeners nothing to retrieve, Ken Wiley page 14. Another album review by Sheila M. Espinoza of David Land and Paul Speer's album called Desert Visions, page 14. Page 15 continues the rest of the album reviews - Meridian's album called Farewell to Fortune, Mark Lewis Quartet's album called In the Spirit, and Bud Shank and Bill Perkin's album called Serious Swingers, Ted Dzielak, Joseph Murphy, and Ken Wiley. Cover art is a photograph of Gene Harris. Page 2 Cover art of Jerry Granelli. Cover art of Vocalist, Dee Daniels. Cover art of David Lanz and Paul Speer.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1988_04_06

    Date: 1988-07

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.14, no.7, Jul. 1998

    Earshot Jazz, v.14, no.7, Jul. 1998

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with notes on Lyon Zeisler, Sonarchy, the Charles Gayle Trio, Live Evil, Dan Heck, Unfolkus, Bill Horist, Eveline Muller, Rob Bageant, Paul Hoskin, Fred Chalenor, Exploding Love Spinach, Elaine DiFalco, Jeff Greinke, Jon Hyde, Tucker Martine, Dennis Rea, Lynette Westendorf, Animal Dreams, Doug Haire, Jim Knapp, Jim Knodle, Dreams of the Internal Animals, Kenny Mandell, Elizabeth Falconer, Dennis Staskowski, Bill Moyer, and Hans Teuber, page 3. On page 4, Steve Griggs, Milo Petersen, Jay Thomas, Phil Sparks, and Greg Klepinger discuss recording with Elvin Jones. Joe Phillips and his work with the Interlake High School Jazz Program is discussed on page 6 by Peter Monaghan. Jazz Port Townsend and its performances are announced on page 8. Aaron Birrell and his recent music experience is detailed on page 10 by Jason West. Highlight performances for the month begin on page 14, including DJ Dynomite D, Filthy Sounds Players, David Mesler, John Butcher, New Stories, Jeff Greinke, Tucker Martine, Hans Fahling, UnFolkUS, Freddy Cole Quartet, Other Sounds series, Die Knodel, Kings of Swing, Charlie Byrd, Herb Ellis, Mundell Lowe, and the Vinny Golia Quartet. Earshot Jazz announces the upcoming artists, groups, and events for the Living Spirit of Jazz series and Eastside Showcase series, including Dehner Franks Trio, Bill Ramsay, Milt Kleeb Big Band, Joe Koplin Quintet, Ali Ryerson, Joe Beck, Michael Bisio Trio, and the Steve Moore Trio, page 15. Post-June Summer Festivals are listen on page 18, including Britt Festivals, Olympia America's Festival, Heritage Festival, KPLU/Starbucks Cruises, Jazz Port Townsend, Banff Arts Festival, San Juan Classic Jazz Festival, Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz, Whidbey Island Dixieland Jazz Festival, Newport Jazz on the Water Festival, Dixieland Portland, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Outdoors Venues, Sisters, OR, and the Medford Jazz Jubilee. John Bishop describes his experience with New Stories in working with Don Sickler to record Elmo Hope's music, page 20. Newly released albums are reviewed on page 21, including Notoriety by Marius 'Butch' Nordal, Looking In by Mike Denny, Caboclo by Jovino Santos Neto Quarteto, It's Party Time by Lance Buller & the Monarchs, Post-Destructivism by Alex Guilbert, One for My Baby by Katie King, Make Someone Happy by Kelley Johnson, and Songs From The Smoking Section by Rockin' Teenage Combo. Cover art is a photograph of Elvin Jones with the caption 'Legend Elvin Jones Records in Seattle'.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1998_14_07

    Date: 1998-07

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.11, no.3, Mar. 1995

    Earshot Jazz, v.11, no.3, Mar. 1995

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article discussing the poorly presented popular cliche of being a professional musician and what reality looks like for many jazz musicians. Earshot Jazz publishes their 1994 financial organizational report on page 2. On page 3, jazz radio announcements are written on Lucky Thompson's upcoming radio appearance as well as David Brisker's recent departure from KPLU-FM. A performance preview for the David Murray Trio is written on page 5 by Peter Monaghan. The UW Tribute to Miles [Davis] is reviewed on page 7 by Peter Monaghan. Belltown Billiards is reviewed as a recent addition to the Seattle Jazz scene, page 8 by Mark Eleison. Jay Collins is featured in an artist biography to preview his upcoming performance at Jazz Alley, page 9 by Andrew Freund. The Jimi Hendrix Museum Apprenticeship program is featured on page 10 along with participating students: Kathryn Rice and Andrea Larson. Earshot Jazz reviews the albums Groovin' Downtown by the Jim Briggs Quartet, Live at Kelly's by Greg Williamson and the Big Bad Groove Society, Live in Seattle by John Coltrane, Schizosphere by Francois Houle Trio, and 360 Degrees by Jay Thomas, Portland Jazz Vol. 1 by Portland, pages 10 and 18. On page 14, Earshot announces the upcoming artists in their Living Spirit of Jazz series, including Casey James, John Goforth, Jay Thomas, Milo Petersen, Jeff Johnson, the Jim Knapp Big Band, the David Murray Trio, the Jay Collins Quartet, and Madeline Eastman. Casey James' and his group Jimmy the Scuffer are featured in a group article to announce their upcoming concert at Jazz Alley, page 15. Cover art is a photograph of Clarence Acox at the drums.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1995_11_03

    Date: 1995-03

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.12, no.9, Sep. 1996

    Earshot Jazz, v.12, no.9, Sep. 1996

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with a biography featuring clarinetist Bill Smith, written by Peter Monaghan on page 1. The Earshot Fall Festival and a few of the featured artists are discussed on page 1. Notes in this issue focus on Chuck Baxter, Still Life in Fremont, Ruth Quintet, B.B. White, Billy Wallace, Buddy Catlett, Patty Padden, Dan Greenblatt, Chuck Metcalf, Rob Silver, Larry Jones, Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet, Paragon Bar & Grill, Jim Wilke, Lynette Westendorf, Andrew Drury, Bear Creek, Cosmology, Craig Flory, Tim Young, Phil Sparks, Brent Arnold, Steve Moore, Briggan Krauss, Wayne Horvitz, Bebop & Destruction, Jay Clayton, Eyvind Kang, and Andrew Drury, page 3. Earshot Jazz Scholarship winners to the Bud Shank Workshop are announced on page 4, including Oghale Agbro and Nicole Vergel de Dios. A memorial piece for Melody Jones is written on page 5. Earshot announces upcoming artists and groups for their Living Spirit of Jazz series, featuring the Clarence Acox Sextet, Walter Zuber Armstrong, Garbo's Hat, Bert Wilson, Jim Knapp Big Band, Chuck Bergeron, Fred Tuxx, Bob Nell Trio, Kendra Shank, Matt Jorgenson, 451, Bill Smith, Francois Houle, and Jessica Williams, page 11. Earshot readers Jason West, Joan Smallwood, Ben Roseth, and Mary Ann Magazzi are the winners of a fan competition for 'experiences that confirmed them as a jazz fan', page 15. Andrew Bartlett reviews the albums In Montana by Jack Walrath, Journey, Man by Jack Walrath and Hard Corps, Joy by Jessica Williams, Gratitude by Jessica Williams, and Love Songs by Patty Waters and Jessica Williams, page 16. Cover art is a photograph of Bill Smith.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1996_12_09

    Date: 1996-09

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.16, no.10, Oct. 2000

    Earshot Jazz, v.16, no.10, Oct. 2000

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue is the program for the 2000 Earshot Jazz Festival. The program starts with a welcome note from Earshot Jazz on page 2 and an article on Jazz music in the west, page 4. Performance previews begin on page 7, including Floyd Standifer, Living Daylights, the Davis/Taylor Project, Dave Peck Group, Rumba Abierta, Kevin Eubanks Quartet, Asian American Orchestra, Joanne Brackeen, Marc Seales jam session deluxe, Lee Konitz, Jim Knapp Orchestra, Uri Caine, Bill Frisell, Paul Bley, Han Bennink, Jason Moran Trio, Trio 3, Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille, Famoudou Don Moye, Russell Malone Quartet, Cecil Taylor, Rachel Z Trio, Trevor Watts, Moire 2000, Dave Holland Quintet, Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, Clark Terry, Sam Mangwana, Jane Bunnett, the Spirits of Havana, DJ Spooky, Wayne Horvitz, Ellery Eskelin, Andrea Parkins, Jim Black, Magnets, Russell Gunn's Ethnomusicology, Bebop and Destruction, Eric Bibb Trio, Dave Peck Trio, Tales of Rumi, Coleman Barks, Hamza el Din, and Charles Lloyd. Notes in this issue focus on Paul Nelson, Steve Ramsey, Tom Mara, Kendra Shank, John Hansen, Jeff Johnson, Dean Hodges, Michael Bisio, Bob Nell, Rob Blakeslee, Jim Nolet, Ed Pias, Cuong Vu, Brad Shepik, Sonarchy, Player King, Doug Haire, Stuart Dempster, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Blue Groove Club, and William Funderberg, page 41. On page 43, Wenda Zonnefeld is featured in a performance preview. Highlight performances include the Chicago 7, Ron Eschete, and Janis Mann, page 44. Dave Dederer is featured in an interview on page 46 about the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). Cover art is an illustration of a man playing saxophone and a man playing piano, and the header background and footer are red.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2000_16_10

    Date: 2000-10

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.14, no.6, Jun. 1998

    Earshot Jazz, v.14, no.6, Jun. 1998

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with notes on City Attorney Mark Sidran, Jim Wilke, Steve Griggs, Elvin Jones, Greg Keplinger, Milo Petersen, Jay Thomas, Shil Sparks, Bear Creek Studios, Joe Hadlock, Michael Bisio, Joe McPhee, Eyvind Kang, Andrew Drury, Junk Percussion Workshop, Living Daylights, Jessica Lurie, Dale Fanning, Arnie Livingston, Amy Denio, 4 Accordionists of the Apocalypse, Guy Klucevsek, Pauline Oliveros, Alan Bern, Kilgore Trout, Vince Balestri, Brian Kent, Reade Whitwell, Seeing Jazz: Artists and Writers of Jazz, Susan Pascal, Feed Your Soul at Noon, Carlos Overall, Summer Nights at the Pier, Nina Simone, Art Ensemble of Chicago, and Pat Metheny, page 3. On page 4, Jim Wilke writes a farewell piece to the late Jan Stentz, discussing the concert that became her post-humos album Forever, page 4. A performance preview for the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra's concert of Monk and Mingus music is written on page 5. Don Lanphere and the history of Bebop appears on page 6, written by Paul de Barros. Earshot announces jazz festivals happening over the summer, including Jazzfest International, Calgary International Jazz Festival, DuMaurier International Jazz Festival, Jazz City International Music Festival, Britt Festivals, Montana Traditional Jazz Festival, All That Jazz Festival, Olympia America's Festival Heritage Festival, KPLU/Starbucks Cruises, Jazz Port Townsend, Banff Arts Festival, San Juan Classic Jazz Festival, Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz, Whidbey Island Dixieland Jazz Festival, Newport Jazz on the Water Festival, Dixieland Portland, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, High Mountains Dixieland Jazz Festival, and Medford Jazz Jubilee, page 9. The Gerry Hemmingway Quartet is featured on page 11 by Peter Monaghan, who details the history of the group's work. Fred Frith, Larry Ochs, Miya Masaoka (Metalanguage) with guest Wayne Horvitz are discussed on page 12. Pachora's upcoming concert, with an opener by the Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet, is featured on page 14. Highlight performances, beginning on page 16, including Makina Loca, Stuart Dempster, Inner Light Burning, Out West, Gretta Matassa & Puget Sound Music Society Band, Tim Young, Very Special Forces, SpringTrapHum, Bill Horist, Eveline Muller, Medeski Martin Wood, Eastside Young Composers, Steve Moore Trio, Jeff Johnson, and Milne Back In Town. Cover art is an illustration by Chuck Smart.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1998_14_06

    Date: 1998-06

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.20, no.4, Apr. 2004

    Earshot Jazz, v.20, no.4, Apr. 2004

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with notes on Jazz Appreciation month, Jim Wilke, Jazz Northwest, Floyd Standifer, Larry Fuller, Dave Peck, Michael Brockman, Tierney Sutton, Laura Kaminsky, John Stowell, Steve Hobbes, Mimi Fox, the International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE) Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Paul de Barros, EMP Pop Conference, Garfield Jazz Gala, Ernestine Anderson, Polestar Music Gallery, Reuben Radding, Gianni Gebbia, Matthew Goodheart, Wally Shoup, Wolfgang Fuchs, John Butcher, Sonny Booker, Jack Straw Artists Support Program Recipients, Salute Ristorante, Greg Williamson, John Hansen, Darin Clendenin, Dan O'Brien, Clipper Anderson, and Brian Nova, page 2. William Parker is highlighted in a piece by Andy Bartlett and an interview with Lewis Barnes, page 4. The music program at Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA) is the focus of Todd Matthew's article on Jazz Education, page 7. Upcoming performances are previewed on page 8, including Cuong Vu Trio, Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (SRJO), J.A. Granelli, Mr. Lucky, Steve Coleman, Five Elements, Rashied Ali Quintet, Ravi Coltrane, and Reggie Workman. Byron Vannoy is the feature of a biography by Todd Matthews, page 11. Earshot Jazz reviews the album Hope by Matt Jorgensen + 451, page 14. Highlight performances for the month begin on page 18, including the Marc Seales Quintet, Big Band Feast, Jay Thomas Big Band, Brad Mehldau Trio, Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra (SWOJO), Project W, Tierney Sutton, Paul Kemmish, The Prospect of Three Trumpets, and Bill Frisell. Upcoming performances airing on Sonarchy Radio Hour on KEXP-FM are listed on page 21. Cover art is a photograph of William Parker on bass.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2004_20_04

    Date: 2004-04

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.6, no.5, Jun. 1990

    Earshot Jazz, v.6, no.5, Jun. 1990

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article about Bill Frisell's guitar style and the influences on his musicianship, written by Joseph Murphy on page 1. Also on page 1, Don Pullen is featured in a brief biography preceding his performance at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), page 1 by Gary Bannister. This issue holds notes on Dexter Gordon, Chuck Metcalf, Emily Remler, Peggy Stern, Jay Clayton, Dee Daniels, Steve Rice, Miles Davis, Shirley Horn, Monty Alexander's Ivory and Steel with Othello Molineaux, Wayne Horvitz Trio, Timebone, John Silverman, Floyd Standifer, Harriet Baskas, Joe Roderic, Greg Williamson, Bellevue Jazz Festival, Jazz Alley, Ernestine Anderson, Bill Frisell, Mizue Murakami, Linda Dowdell, and Larry Coryell, page 2. Novus/RCA Records writes brief descriptions for their latest albums Collection Volume One by The Brecker Bros, Who's Who by John Scofield, Evidence by Steve Khan, and Tributaries by Larry Coryell, page 3. Beginning on page 6, Todd Campbell, Sandra Burlingame, Joseph Murphy, Bruce Greeley, and Gary Bannister preview festival groups and artists. These previews introduce The John Scofield Quartet, Freezer Burn, the Denney Goodhew and Ralph Towner Duo, The Jazz Passengers, Timebone, Super Rail Band, Ariya, Jimmy McGriff, Watershed, and the International Creative Music Orchestra. Joe Murphy, Scott Larson, and Keith Cirillo review live performances of the Kronos Quartet, the Wayne Horvitz Trio, The Phil Sheeran Quintet, and the Bill Stevens Group, page 12. Bruce Greeley writes an appraising article for the award-winning Garfield and Franklin High Schools' Big Bands, page 14. Earshot Jazz congratulates the High School winners of the Reno International Jazz Festival, page 14. Earshot Jazz reviews the album Boogie Down with Ernestine Anderson and the Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra, page 15. Cover art is a photograph of Don Pullen.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1990_06_05

    Date: 1990-06

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.22, no.9, Sep. 2006

    Earshot Jazz, v.22, no.9, Sep. 2006

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    In this issue Earshot begins with the 2006 Jazz Festival update with what is expected, some of the schedule, and when to get tickets, 4. Earshot notes on their performance collaboration with the Wynton Marsalis Quintet, page 4. Josie Holtzman writes on the scholarship recipients for the Centrum Jazz Workshop, page 5. Peter Monaghan writes an article on Valerie Joyce - her distinctive voice as a vocalist and some of her musical experiences, page 6. Earshot has a festival review on, Annette Peacock, as they go through her beginning years as a performer and some of her collaborations, page 9. Earshot notes Pony Boy Records free annual concert called Pony Boy Jazz Picnic, page 11. Earshot notes on summer/fall festivals to come with dates and locations, page 12. The Anacortes: Jazz Festival by the Sound notes dates and expected performances, page 13. Paul R. Harding writes in depth of his recollections of his jazz roots, page 15. Cover photo of Valerie Joyce, taken by Daniel Sheehan.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2006_22_09

    Date: 2006-09

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