• Earshot Jazz, v.10, no.1, Jan. 1994

    Earshot Jazz, v.10, no.1, Jan. 1994

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an announcement for the Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Awards party, page 1 by Gary Bannister. On page 1, Steve Robinson has written a spotlight biography on drummer Phil Snyder. Earshot announces its upcoming artists for the Earshot Sunday series at Jazz Alley, including the Phil Snyder Quintet, the Living Spirit Band, Human Feel, and the Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet, page 2. A performance preview for the World Saxophone Quartet is written by Gary Bannister on page 3. Joseph Murphy writes a memorial piece for the late jazz saxophonist Carter Jefferson, page 4. On page 6, Joseph Murphy reviews a live performance of the Charles Gayle Trio. Cover art consists of a photograph of Chuck Metcalf, Billy Wallace, and Ed Lee performing at the 1993 Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Award Party, and a photograph of Phil Snyder with a cymbal and brush.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1994_10_01

    Date: 1994-01

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.10, no.8, Aug. 1994

    Earshot Jazz, v.10, no.8, Aug. 1994

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an introduction to the pianist Jessica Williams and her talent to make magic through music, Sandra Burlingame page 1. Sharpshooters take on the acid jazz scene making it one of the first acid jazz albums to come out of the Northwest, Roberta Penn page 1. Earshot marks on the tenth year of support of jazz in the Pacific Northwest and exciting news around the magazine, John Gilbreath page 2. Earshot has news on The World Music Series at the Seattle Center with introductions to performances at the event, John Gilbreath page 6. Gary Bannister gives us a look into Margaret Slovak's musical career and what is to be expected with music she has in the works and her concert at Jazz Alley, page 7. Earshot has notes on the Living Spirit of Jazz Series - a spectacular line-up with incredible performances from jazz masters, page 9. Live reviews by Earshot hit on vocalist Kelley Johnson, vocalist Greta Matassa, Ben Black, and the Du Maurier Moments festival with a variety of artists, Andrew Freund, Steve Robinson, A.R. Kettle, Joseph Murphy page 10. Earshot reviews notable albums from Jessica Williams, Christopher Boscole, and Slim Gaillard, Sandra Burlingame, Steve Robinson, and Jay Thomas page 15. Photograph of Jessica Williams sitting by the piano, page 1. Photograph of Danny Clavesilla, page 3. Photograph of guitarist Margaret Slovak, page 7. Photograph of Kelley Johnson performing at an Earshot event, page 10. Photograph of Michael Bisio playing the bass at the Du Maurier Festival photo by Steve Robinson, page 12. Photograph of Diana Krall performing at the Alma Street Cafe, photo by Steve Robinson page 13. Photograph Jessica Williams playing piano at Jazz Alley, photo by Steve Robinson page 14.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1994_10_08

    Date: 1994-08

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.31, no.12, Dec. 2015

    Earshot Jazz, v.31, no.12, Dec. 2015

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with notes on The Westerlies, KPLU, and the performance lineup for Sonarchy with Doug Haire, page 4. Industrial Revelation is featured on page 5 by Andrew Luthringer. Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra's (SRJO) Sacred Music of Duke Ellington Concert is presented on page 7. Daniel Sheehan's photography of the Earshot Jazz Festival and his EyeShotJazz Blog are displayed and discussed on page 8. Local jam session opportunities and locations are discussed on page 12 by Edan Krolewicz. Earshot Jazz reviews the recent album releases of Andy Clausen, Velocity, Carrie Wicks, Evan Woodle, and Rik Wright's Fundamental Forces, page 16. Additional performances are listed on page 20. Cover art is a group photograph of Industrial Revelation.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2015_31_12

    Date: 2015-12

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.6, no.1, Feb. 1990

    Earshot Jazz, v.6, no.1, Feb. 1990

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with a spotlight on the lives and music of Alphonse Hill and Buck Campbell, page 1 by Paul de Barros, Ted Dzielak, and Carmen Jones. Unauthorized recording release of a recording of the Composers and Improvisors Orchestra is discussed by Joseph Murphy, page 1. This issue holds notes on Al Smith, Milton Walton, Centrum, Floyd Standifer, Jabbo Ward, Buddy Catlett, Scott Cossu, Beth Winter, Peggy Stern, Glen Moor, Jay Clayton, Jerry Granelli, Ralph Towner, Ernestine Anderson, Mizue Murakami, Michael Powers, Chuck Metcalf, Ro Gunderson, Thelma White, Bud Shank, Dave Peck, Dian Schuur, KNUA, Paul de Barros, Rinde Eckert, Thomasa Eckert, Marc Smason, Kenny Mandell's Modal Music, Amy Denio, Bochinche, Jim Knapp, Trumpeter's, Brad Schoeppach, Dave Coleman, Jr., Larry Fuller, Julian Priester, Chuck Deardorf, Clifford Jordan, and Ran Blake, page 2. Joseph Murphy reveals and discusses the recent activities of Barney McClure, primarily the revitalization of his record label BAM, page 3. The 50's group the Lighthouse All-Stars are featured in an article by Ken Wiley on page 4. The Mel Brown Sextet is featured on page 6 by by Sandra Burlingame. Earshot Jazz reviews the albums Trio by Jimmy Rowles, Red Mitchell, and Donald Bailey, So Why Not? by Buddy Montgomery, a Circular Cowboy cassette, Human Feel by Human Feel, The African Roots of Jazz by W.E.Wainwright, Jr., New Life by Allen Youngblood, Stiletto by Michael Shrieve, Camargue by Jim Pepper and the Claudine Francois Trio, Breaking Through by Phil Sheeran, Live at Town Hall, N.Y.C. by Gene Harris and the Philip Morris Superband, and Listen Here! by The Gene Harris Quartet, page 10. Cover art is a photograph of Pee Wee, Evelyn, Alphonse Hill, Thelma Baldwin, George Baldwin, Clarence Lee's granddaughter, Charlie Brown, and Clarence Lee at Porters & Waiters Club, 1948.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1990_06_01

    Date: 1990-02

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.14, no.11, Nov. 1998

    Earshot Jazz, v.14, no.11, Nov. 1998

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with a piece on The Tentacle, written by Peter Monaghan, page 1. Notes in this issue feature John R. Gilbreath, the Garfield High School Jazz Ensemble, Clarence Acox, Benaroya Hall, Marriott Jazz Quintet, David Marriot, Thomas Marriott, Geoff Harper, Eric Eagle, Kenny Kirkland, Roy Hargrove, Alex Guilbert Quartet, Jim Cisco, Floyd Standifer, Sonarchy, Miroslaw Rajkowski, Mike Shannon, Dave Knott, Susie Kozawa, Jeph Jerman, Dan Blunck, Tim Blunck, Chuck Smart, Stasis, HighRize, Laren Abady, Jeremy Stark, Adan Schwartz, Russ Grabinski, Ryan Berg, Aarik Urbanas, Jay Jaskot, Cecil Young, and Doris Duke, page 3. Obrador traveled to Cuba, and Gary Bannister details their experience on page 7. On page 8, Jason West presents his interview with Jim Knapp about studio recording. Earshot Jazz announces the upcoming artists, groups, and events for their Living Spirit of Jazz series and their Eastside Showcase Series, including Darrell Frant Trio, Glenn Moore/Rob Scheps Quartet, Kelley Johnson Quartet, and Gary Fukushima Trio, page 11. Highlight performances include Garfield Jazz Ensemble's 'Bulldog Jazz Meets Downtown', and The State of Jazz, page 12. Cover art is photographs from the opening show of the Earshot Jazz Festival, page 9.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1998_14_11

    Date: 1998-11

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.22, no.11, Nov. 2006

    Earshot Jazz, v.22, no.11, Nov. 2006

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue is a program for the November portion of the Earshot Jazz Festival, 2006. Notes in this issue begin on page 4 and focus on The Asteroid, Space Girlz, Sonarchy, David Handy, Adam Diller, Alex Hutchinson, Fantastapotamus, Greg Sinibaldi Group, Megatron, Rich Wetzel, Groovin' Higher Jazz Orchestra, Doug Ramsey, and Jovino Santos Neto. Remaining performances for the festival are listed on page 5 with performance descriptions beginning on page 6. Performances include the Ted Nash Quintet, the Roosevelt High School Band, Tom Varner's New Seattle Quintet, Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio w/ Fred Wesley, Victor Noriega Quintet, Kamikaze Ground Crew, Django Reinhardt Festival, George Colligan Trio, Annette Peacock, Eric Barber Chamber Quartet, Ana Moura, Michael Schiefel, Jimmy Heath, Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (SRJO), Marc Seales Group, Jason Moran, and Bandwagon. Jumaane Smith is featured in an interview on page 16 with Paul R. Harding. A piece on Jay Thomas's group Collateral Damage, formerly Friendly Fire, is written on page 19. Stephen Gauci is the focus of an artist update on page 21 and Miles Okazaki is featured in another on page 22. Egan's Ballard Jam House is featured in a piece on jazz venues by Josie Holtzman, page 25. Tom Swafford writes on his music experience, beginning on page 26. Earshot Jazz reviews the albums Bill Frisell, Rob Carter, Paul Motian, by themselves, and Husky by Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet, page 27. Highlight performances begin on page 28, including the Jazz & Sushi series, Jimmy Heath, Swingin in the Rain Septet, Dina Blade, Groovin' Higher Jazz Orchestra, Cornish College of the Arts Fundraiser, Jazz Vespers, and Bogey Vujkov. Cover art is a photograph of Jumaane Smith performing on trumpet.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2006_22_11

    Date: 2006-11

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.21, no.11, Nov. 2005

    Earshot Jazz, v.21, no.11, Nov. 2005

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with notes on Valerie Joyce, Victor Noriega, Sonarchy Radio Hour, and Seattle Jazz Vespers on page 3. Earshot Jazz Festival performances for November 2005 are discussed on page 4, including the Jeff 'Tain' Watts Quartet, the Cuong Vu Trio, the Ravi Coltrane Quartet, the Laura Welland Band, the Ben Thomas Quartet, the Poetry in Jazz Panel: Langston Hughes to Today, the Bill Charlap Trio, the Gary Hobbs Quartet, SAM After Hours, Luciana Souza Brazillian Duo, Robin Holcomb & Wayne Horvitz, the Bobo Stenson Trio, the Cornish Jazz Composers, Konono #1, Reptet, Gangbe Brass Band, Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (SRJO) & Gerald Wilson, Jay Clayton, Marc Seales & New Quintet, Virginia Rodrigues, and Greg Keplinger & Michael Monhart. Wayne Horvitz is featured in an artist interview on page 9. Peter Monaghan discusses Konono #1 on page 13. Gerald Wilson's brief biography is listed on page 17. Peter Monaghan discusses Michael Monhart, Gregg Keplinger, and Co. on page 19. Randy Halberstadt is interviewed by Earshot Jazz on page 21. A performance preview for the Ballard Jazz Festival is written on page 23. Kristian St. Clair, the Seattle filmmaker who worked on the film This Is Gary McFarland, is interviewed on page 25. Highlight performances begin on page 28, including Good Vibes, Marc Smason, Eric Vaughn, the Floyd Standifer Group, James Blood Ulmer, Django Reinhardt Festival, Monktail Creative Music Concern, Rebecca Parris, Hadley Caliman, Reggie Goings, Greta Matassa, Emerald City Jazz Orchestra, Mark Bordenet, Toots Thielemans, the Bruce Katz Band, the Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra, the Jazz Police, Klez Fest, Darin Clendenin, Roadside Attraction, Carrie Clark, Carlos Cascante, James Bernhard, the Jay Thomas Big Band, Kelley Johnson, Hal Sherman, Fife & Stadium High School Jazz Band and Choir, New Steve Korn Group, Roberta Piket, Billy Mintz, No Jive Five, Geoff Harper, Jane Monheit, and Katie King. Cover art is a photograph of Floyd Standifer on saxophone.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2005_21_11

    Date: 2005-11

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.20, no.12, Dec. 2004

    Earshot Jazz, v.20, no.12, Dec. 2004

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with notes on the Experience Music Project's Jazz in January series, Cornish College of the Arts, Earshot Jazz's 20th anniversary, Jim Wilke's Jazz After Hour's 20th anniversary, the Northwest Film Forum, and Gallery 1412, page 2. Andrew D'Angelo is featured in an artist update in response to the saxophonist's return from his work in Norway, page 5. Photographs from the 2004 Earshot Jazz Festival by Daniel Sheehan begin on page 6. Earshot Jazz reviews the album Composance by the MIchael Bisio Trio on page 10. The Jazz Vespers, their program, and their performances are discussed on page 11. Sonarchy Radio Hour lists the upcoming performances for December, featuring Dose, John Schuller, James Davis, the Michael Vlatkovich Trio, Greg Scholl, Mark Burdon, and the Seattle Harmonic Voices, page 16. Cover art is a photograph of Hermeto Pascoal performing on a kettle.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2004_20_12

    Date: 2004-12

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  • Earshot Jazz, no.11, Aug. 1986

    Earshot Jazz, no.11, Aug. 1986

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an introduction to personnel changes at Cornish College of the Arts, which is welcoming a new president, Dr. Robert Funk, a new music department chair, Jane Lambert, and a new jazz program administrator, Chuck Deardorf, on page 1, written by Paul de Barros. On page 2 Paul de Barros writes a short biographical article about Jane Lambert. Earshot Jazz focuses on Buddy Catlett for the spotlight biography, written by Sandy Burlingame on page 2. Gary Bannister reviews briefly his experience of the Du Maurier International Jazz and Blues Festival on page 3. On page 4, Bruce Kochis writes about the music and ensemble of The Ganelin Trio. Beginning on page 5, Earshot Jazz reviews the albums Verve by Li'l Ol' Groovemaker... Basie!, The Rainbow Lady by Janice Lakers, Lemminkainen's Adventures by the Pete Leinonen Band, Redwood Range by the Francis Vanek Quartet, and Cassette by The Michael Powers Quintet. On page 7, Paul de Barros writes a description about the Peter Britt Jazz Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon. This issue contains notes on Chuck Israels, Bill Smith, Carrie Black, Lanny Gooding and Beverly Ritz, Jeff Hamilton, Jay Clayton, Jerry Granelli, Bob Moses, Chuck Easton, The Rhythm Boys, Brad Schoeppach, and Cara Powers. Cover art is a headshot of Jane Lambert.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1986_02_05

    Date: 1986-08

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.7, no.8, Sep. 1991

    Earshot Jazz, v.7, no.8, Sep. 1991

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article about guitarist Mark Whitfield, written by Joseph Murphy, page 1. This issue holds notes on Allen Youngblood, Milo Petersen, and Jay Clayton, page 2. Andrew Freund reviews Billboard's writings on the Jazz industry. Garfield High School's Jazz ensemble went on tour to Paris, discussed by Sandra Burlingame, page 3. Earshot Scholarship recipients are Tajh Taylor, Sam Matthews, and Zanchie Whitehead, discussed on page 3 by Fred Wardenburg. Gary Bannister writes a brief performance preview for Swedish jazz musicians who will be performing in Seattle, page 4. Bob Nixon is featured in a spotlight biography on page 5, written by David Dickerson. Performance reviews of the Bellevue Jazz Festival, Chateau Ste. Michelle Wintery, A Collage of Music, Jazz Port Townsend, Gig Harbor Jazz Festival, and Mount Hood Festival of Jazz begin on page 6. Steven Robinson, Andrew Freund, and Sandra Burlingame review live performances and showings of North Sea Jazz Festival, Peggy Stern, Black Stage Views, The Lives of Quincy Jones, page 12. Earshot Jazz reviews the albums The Marksman by Mark Whitfield, Signs of Life by Peter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics Ensemble, Dust to Dust by Butch Morris, and Departure by David Friesen & Uwe Kropinski, page 16. Cover art is a photograph of Mark Whitfield.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1991_07_08

    Date: 1991-09

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