Use a Computer

All branches have computers you can use to search our catalog and databases for as long as you like. 30 Minute Express computers can be used for quick research and computers without internet have no time limits.

Use your library card for computers with internet up to 2 hours per day. We also have job search computers you can use for an additional two hours per day on Level 7 at the Central Library and at some other branches. All our computers have permanent privacy screens.

Reserve a Computer

Computers are available for reservations in addition to walk up. Use your Library card to reserve a computer for up to 2 hours per day. (30 minute Express computers cannot be reserved.)

No card? Request a guest pass for one 30-minute session. Visitors to Seattle and non-residents can buy a temporary Library card. Find out how to get a Library card.

Print & Copy

All Library locations offer a limited number of free printed pages. You can print to our printers from Library computers using the printing interface, or print from your own device—even if you are not in the Library. Copying is also available.

Scan, Fax & Translate

All Library locations have self-service ScanEZ kiosks for high speed scanning, faxing and translating documents and photos.

Internet Access & HotSpots

Wireless Internet Access

We provide free wireless internet access during open hours to anyone with a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop or mobile device at all locations. Just connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to our wireless network spl-public.

Like any public wireless network, our Wi-Fi service is not secure. Be aware of the risks and avoid sending sensitive information through the network.

Ethernet ports are available at the Central Library.

Personal Devices

You are welcome to use your laptop or mobile device at your Library. We ask that you avoid disturbing other patrons and wear headphones when you play audio or video.

Please keep your viewing and browsing private by positioning the screen so that others cannot easily see it. If you need to make a phone call, do so in an area where you will not disturb others.

Internet Policy

The Seattle Public Library does not monitor or filter patron access to the internet except as required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and other applicable law. For more detailed information, please see our Public Use of the Internet Policy.

SPL HotSpot

You can use your Library card to check out and take home an easy-to-use Wi-Fi HotSpot. You can connect up to 15 laptops, tablets, or other devices to the internet for free from anywhere with cellular coverage. You can reserve a HotSpot like you would any other item in our catalog and pick it up at your neighborhood branch.

FlexTech Laptops & Graphing Calculators

Some branches have laptops and graphing calculators you can borrow while you are in the branch. You can use laptops to access the internet and our online resources.

Adaptive Equipment

We have helpful tools available to use in your Library at no charge to make it easier for people with vision, hearing and mobility impairments to use computers.

All locations offer:

  • Screen enlarging software (ZoomText)
  • Screen magnifying software (XP Magnifier)
  • Screen reading software (JAWS)
  • An accessibility kit with a variety of magnifiers and writing guides to use in the Library

Some branches and the Central Library offer additional support, offer additional support, including ADA-accessible computers and large print keyboards.

Video Conference Meeting Rooms

Need a private room with a computer for a video call or online meeting? The Central Library and several branches have rooms with equipment you can use. Find out more about meeting and study rooms and how to reserve one.