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New titles are added to Peak Picks often, so check these lists to find out what titles are currently on the shelves. If the book you want is not available, you will probably find another great read at the Peak Picks display.

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New and Popular Books with No Wait

New and Popular Books Chosen for Seattle Readers.

Bestsellers and More.

We watch out for new books from your favorite authors and keep an eye on trends to build this uniquely Seattle collection. You'll discover a variety of fiction and nonfiction at your neighborhood branch.

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Peak Picks are first come, first served. The 14-day lending period for Peak Picks means more people can access our most popular titles sooner. Others are waiting to read them, so please enjoy fast and return on time!

New titles every month, available at every location.

We add new titles to Peak Picks every month, so check back often. Peak Picks are available at every Library location.