About Book Groups

Monthly book groups meet at many Library locations. Registration is not currently open to new book groups. To be added to our waiting list, send an email to bookgroups@spl.org. A book group must have a regular monthly meeting date in order to qualify.

See Book Group How-Tos to learn more about starting your own book discussion group.

Our book group collection is made possible through the generosity of The Seattle Public Library Foundation. No other library in the country offers such an extensive collection to book groups in their community.

Book Group Kits

Our book group collection consists of more than 350 titles in kits of 12 books.

Book group kits are available to Library-sponsored book groups that meet in Library locations and are facilitated by Library staff. Kits also are available to Seattle book groups that meet at members' homes, businesses, churches, community centers, senior centers and retirement homes.

Book group kits are only available to groups that have been receiving book group kits from the Library prior to 2009. These book groups have already been notified and should have received a special Book Group Library Card. If you haven't received a Library card, please contact us at bookgroups@spl.org or 206-615-1747. If you have lost your book group card, please call 206-386-4190.

Go to KitKeeper to request and schedule a Book Group kit online.

Upcoming Book Groups

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