Catering FAQ

Do you have any special food and beverage rules?

Please talk to us about your plans for food and beverages prior to your event. Email us or call the Meeting Room Information Line at 206-733-9608, and we can help you have a great event that stays within the Library guidelines. Please keep in mind that we do not allow the use of candles, incense, or any other materials associated with smoke and/or fire.

Is there a fee for serving food in the Library?

Custodial services are charged for every event that has food. With current food restrictions, if your event generates a large amount of package waste (i.e. boxed lunches, etc) additional custodial service charges may be applied.

May I use a caterer at my event?

Yes, and there are many caterers with experience working at events at the Central Library:

Name Address Phone
Bambino’s Pizzeria

401 Cedar St.
Seattle, WA

Cameron Catering*

4216 6th Ave. NW
Seattle, WA

The Catering Company* 16149 Redmond Way #410
Redmond, WA
Eat Drink with Eric Bauer

4507 Brooklyn Ave. NE

Foodz Catering*

301Queen Ave. N
Seattle, WA


2415 Airport Way S
Seattle, WA

Harried & Hungry* 1415 3rd Ave.
Seattle, WA
Herban Feast

2536 Alki Ave. S.W. #93
Seattle, WA

Ingallina’s Box Lunches

135 S. Lucille St.
Seattle, WA

Madres Kitchen*

559 NE 80th St.
Seattle, WA

Catering by McCormick & Schmick’s*

9404 E.Marginal Way So.
Seattle, WA

Metropolitan Market

100 Mercer St.
Seattle, WA

Ravishing Radish Catering

1801 E. Marion St.
Seattle, WA

Ray’s Boathouse Catering

6049 Seaview Ave. N.W.
Seattle, WA

206-789-6309, ext. 216
Specialtys Café & Bakery*

1023 Third Ave.
Seattle, WA

Tuxedos & Tennis Shoes 9131 California Ave. SW.
Seattle, WA
206-932-1059, ext. 307
Twelve Baskets* 11251 20th Ave. NE, Suite 110
Kirkland, WA
Upper Crust

8420 Greenwood Ave. No.
Seattle, WA

Pyramid Catering & Events

5619 Martin Luther King Jr Way S.
Seattle, WA

The Pour Girls

P.O. Box 46954
Seattle, WA 98146



The Seattle Public Library supports the City of Seattle’s sustainability initiatives * denotes caterers who make an effort to create sustainable catering practices, including using compostable table wear instead of plastic; offering an alternative to bringing plastic bottled water and drinks; offering an alternative to “box lunches” for groups of 20 or more; and producing a “0-waste” event.

Your caterer must provide all linens, tableware, serving utensils, water carafes, glasses and other beverage service items.  Your caterer also is responsible for set-up and tear-down for the event.

If your caterer provides food for an event on a drop-off basis (i.e., boxed lunches, coffee service), you are responsible for making sure all used paper goods and food remains are put in the supplied trash receptacles when your event is over. You also are responsible for removing all catering equipment from the Library.

May I bring snacks and coffee to my event without using a caterer?

 Yes, if they are small, pre-packaged items. Coffee in ​carafes is acceptable.

May I bring in my own alcoholic beverages for my event?

Alcohol service must be approved prior to the event on a case-by-case basis by Event Services staff.

If you decide to serve alcohol at your event, you will need to follow all state liquor licensing and sales laws. All your guests must be 21 years of age or older to be served alcohol.

All alcohol must be dispensed by bonded bartenders at an attended bar. If you serve alcohol, your event must be a private and not open to the public.

For liquor liability insurance requirements, please see the Insurance Addendum. You must buy insurance for events where alcoholic beverages will be served and provide the Library with a Certificate of Insurance 30 days before your event date.

If you have a question or need help, email us or call our Meeting Room Information Line at 206-733-9608.