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Our Event Services staff will respond within two (2) business days to let you know if the space you would like is available, review rates, and go over what you will need to do next to finalize your meeting room reservation.


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To learn more, please read our Facilities & Meeting Rooms Use Policy.

Meeting Room Capacity and Photos

We have many spaces available:

  • Microsoft Auditorium - Theater Seating for 275 + space for 100 overflow
  • Meeting rooms with seating for 8 to 160 people.
  • Additional spaces for special events 

Event Services & Meeting Rooms

Our Event Services Manager discusses the meeting rooms and event spaces that are available for the public to rent at the Central Library.

Rates & Usage

The rental fee varies by room, day of the week and type of event.

A/V Equipment

We have audio/video (A/V) equipment available for use for an additional fee.

Catering Information

You are welcome to bring food and drinks to your event. We have a list of caterers with experience working at events at the Central Library.

Meeting rooms at Central Library

Do meeting rooms have tables and chairs?

Yes, we will provide tables and chairs and arrange them as you request. 

Will the Library help me set up my meeting room?

Yes, we will set up the room as requested before your meeting is scheduled to start. 

Where should I tell people coming to my meeting to park?

Meeting attendees may pay to park in the Central Library parking garage. There are other paid lots and garages nearby, and we are close to many public transit routes.

How do I reserve a room?

To reserve a meeting room at the Central Library, use the form on this page to submit your request, email us or call our Meeting Room Information Line at 206-733-9608.

How far in advance can I reserve a meeting room at the Central Library?

You can reserve a meeting room at the Central Library up to one year in advance.

What are the meeting room cancellation rules?

Our meeting rooms are very popular, so it is important to cancel your reservation as soon you no longer need it.. Canceled meetings at the Central Library are subject to a $50 administrative fee. If you cancel your meeting within two weeks of the event date we will charge a 50% cancelation fee in addition to the administrative fee. 

What happens if my meeting is delayed?

Contract your assigned Event Services Specialist when any changes to your meeting need to be made.

Are there charges for using a meeting room at the Central Library?

We charge rental fees to use most of our meeting rooms at the Central Library. Rates and Usage vary based on the type of organization or group using the room. Complete a request form to receive a rate estimate from an Event Services Specialist. We have two conference rooms at The Central Library that are available for non-profit groups to use at no charge on weekdays. All of our branch libraries have meeting rooms that are free to use for non-commercial purposes. To reserve a meeting room at one of our branches, create an account in our Spaces room reservation system.

What are the rules about using meeting rooms at the Central Library?

You can rent our meeting rooms and event spaces at the Central Library for any type of event covered by our Facilities & Meeting Rooms Use Policy. You are welcome to host private or public events during or outside Library operating hours. You may serve food and alcohol at your event provided you present the required proof of insurance and licenses. You should follow our Rules of Conduct.

Do you charge a fee for damages?

Yes, we will charge you for any damage, cleaning, or waste disposal required beyond the Library's normal janitorial service. See our Facilities & Meeting Rooms Use Policy.

Can I use the Library’s telephone number as the contact number for my meeting?

As we are not able to answer questions about your event, please give your attendees your phone number or that of your organization so they can ask questions and get in touch with you. We cannot take messages for you or answer questions over the phone about your meeting.

What are the rules about signs and decorations?

We understand that signs and decorations often are important to a meeting. Please ask your Event Services Specialist about banners, signs, and decorations you plan to use inside the room. All signs and decorations must meet the City of Seattle's Safety and Fire Standards. Balloons and candles are not permitted.

What are the rules about promotional materials?

Any advertising done for your event should include: The Seattle Public Library, (Name of Room).

Event materials may not list The Seattle Public Library as a sponsor of an event or meeting unless previously agreed to by the Chief Librarian or designee. If the Library is not a sponsor, all promotional materials must include the following words: “This event is not sponsored by The Seattle Public Library.” The words “…at The Seattle Public Library” are allowed on your event materials.

Please be sure not to make announcements or print materials with an event date until your meeting room is confirmed.


Are food and drinks allowed in the meeting rooms?

Yes, Please see our Preferred Catering List for options. Ask your Event Services Specialist about any other food or beverage you’d like to serve. We charge a custodial fee when refreshments are served in a meeting room.  The cost will be included in the total fee for room use quoted by us.

Can I use a caterer?

Yes, see our catering information for details and a list of preferred vendors.

If you have a question or need help, email us or call our Meeting Room Information Line at 206-733-9608.