• ABI/Inform Trade and Industry

    ABI/Inform Trade and Industry

    Current market trends, company benchmarks and financial ratios in business magazines, trade journals and market reports. Answer questions like: •What new technologies are impacting the microbrewery market? •Does the forecast look good for opening a fitness center? •How much does the average daycare charge for tuition in the US?

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  • Best Customers

    Best Customers

    Consumer expenditures for products and services. Identifies the best customers for products and services by age, household income, education and more.

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  • Business Plans Handbook

    Business Plans Handbook

    Actual business plans from a wide variety of manufacturing, retail, and service industries. Answer questions like: •Where can I find an example of a pressure washing business plan? •Where can I find a sample market analysis for a martial arts studio? •What equipment do I need to open a children’s hair salon?

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  • Data Axle Reference Solutions

    Data Axle Reference Solutions

    Competitors, prospects, suppliers or partners, searchable by type of business and geography. Answer questions like: •What t-shirt companies are in Rainier Beach? •How many women-owned businesses are in King County? •How much do juice bars typically spend on advertising?

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  • Demographics Now

    Demographics Now

    Demographic information including spending by product, age, income level, level of education and behavioral information. Useful for choosing a business location, locating target customers, and sizing your market. Answer questions like: •How much money do households spend on pet supplies in the West Seattle neighborhood? •What’s the best location for a toy store in Ballard? •How do I compare neighborhood populations and craft marketing strategies to reach those that live there?

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  • LinkedIn Learning

    LinkedIn Learning

    Hundreds of free, online classes on topics such as management, marketing, web design, and software.

    Format: Website or Online Data

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  • RMA eStatement Studies

    RMA eStatement Studies

    Benchmark financial statements and ratios for businesses. Detailed financial data for entrepreneurs and startups to plan and compare against real-world measures. FAQ with ratio definitions. Answer questions like: •Where can I find business ratios for the florist industry? •How do I compare my business financial plan to companies in my industry?

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  • Seattle Office of Economic Development - Business Decision Engine

    Seattle Office of Economic Development - Business Decision Engine

    Find local information on Seattle's business climate, industry trends, customers, competition and much more.

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  • Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce

    Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce

    Find articles and information on business, construction, real estate, engineering, architecture, and more. •What firms are involved in recent large construction projects downtown Seattle? •What are some upcoming business events happening in Seattle? •What are some of the latest trends in Seattle’s maritime industries?

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  • Statistical Abstract of the United States

    Statistical Abstract of the United States

    Statistics and information on a wide range of topics, including education. Citations for each table are also useful, as they point to who is collecting data on a given subject. Available as a database through the library.

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