2019 Statistical & Financial Summaries

Facilities: Central Library, 26 neighborhood branches and Mobile Services

Staffing: 695 (585 full-time equivalents)


Physical Items
Print 5.2 million
Media (CDs, DVDs, audiobooks) 2.5 million
(laptops, tablets, Wi-Fi hotspots, Kill A Watt power meters)
Total 7.8 million
Digital items
E-books and e-audiobooks 3.4 million
Streaming and downloadable media 1.4 million
Total 4.8 million
Total Circulation 12.6 million

Collection Size

Central Library 1.03 million
Branches and other 850,000
E-collection  530,000
Total Collection size 2.4 million

Patron Visits

Central Library and branches 4.9 million
Online visits (website and catalog visits) 12.5 million
Total Patron Visits 17.4 million

Social Media

Facebook fans 53,625
Twitter followers 22,476
Pinterest followers 2,405
Instagram followers 20,129


Service Levels and Programs

Assisted Information questions answered  695,000
Holds placed on physical or digital items  5.2 million
Database sessions  345,000
Library classes, events or activities 9,200
Number of people who attended Library programs 275,000
Public computer and Wi-Fi sessions 2.5 million
Number of people who attended Library programs 275,000
Volunteers 630 individuals, 21,900 volunteer hours

Operating Budget (Does not include private gifts.)

Personnel $56.2 million
Books and materials $7.9 million
Equipment $2 million
Maintenance, security and utilities $3.5 million
Supplies $670,000
Other $4.9 million
Total Operating Budget $75.2 million

Meeting rooms

Private group rentals  540
Nonprofit groups used free meeting room spaces  140
Programs hosted by the Library in meeting rooms  900
Library staff meetings and staff trainings 900
Total meetings supported 2,500
Meeting room rental revenue $210,500


People who took scheduled group tours of the Central Library 540
Cell phone tours 1,540
Photo shoot revenue $4,250

2019 Impact Report Key Statistics