Valid Identification in Other Languages

Valid Identification

ID must be current. Examples of acceptable ID include:

  • Washington State driver’s license
  • Washington State ID card (issued by Department of Licensing)
  • Out of state driver’s license or state ID
  • Foreign driver’s license
  • United States or foreign passport
  • Permanent Resident Card/Green Card
  • Employee ID card or badge
  • Military or Merchant Marine ID
  • Credit or debit card, with signature
  • School ID card
  • Voter registration card
  • Birth certificate (original or certified copy)
  • Vehicle registration
  • Organization membership card with pre-printed name and photo or signature
  • Bus pass (with photo)
  • Emergency or community shelter ID

Other ID not included on this list will be accepted if it is issued by a government agency, school, institution or business and includes a pre-printed name and photo or a pre-printed name and signature.

Parents and legal guardians of children under 13 may apply for a card for their children online. If you would like a physical card for your child, you can request one at any open branch.

If you need assistance obtaining valid ID, you can call 2-1-1 or visit 2-1-1 Community Resources Online.

Proof of Address

Proof of current residence address is also required if this is not included on your ID. Examples of documents that can be used to verify residence address include:

  • Driver's license or State ID
  • Paycheck
  • Receipt
  • Utility bill
  • Current mail
  • Personal check
  • Voter registration Card
  • Vehicle registration
  • Lease or rental agreement

If you’re currently experiencing homelessness, Library staff can assist you with address verification options.

Proof of Employment, Student or Taxpayer Status

If you are nonresident of Seattle, but work, go to school or own property in one of our free service areas you can get a free Seattle Public Library card. Please bring proof of employment, student enrollment, or taxpayer status to get your Library card.

Examples of documentation of employment (must include applicant’s name and employer’s name and Seattle or King County address):

  • Business Card
  • Employee Identification
  • Paycheck stub
  • Letter from employer on employer letterhead

Examples of documentation of current school enrollment:

  • Current school identification card
  • Current tuition receipt
  • Documentation from school on official letterhead indicating student is enrolled
  • Class list from Registrar

Examples of documentation of taxpayer status:

  • Current property tax statement
  • Current tax receipt