• Warriors and Warlords

    Warriors and Warlords

    "Fantastic anthology of stories from the Warhammer 40,000 universe! Humanity stands in a galaxy of war unending, locked in a struggle for its very survival. Divided by the Great Rift, the Imperium is beset on all fronts by its ancient foes. The daemon, the xenos, and the heretic. In such a kiln the heroes of war are forged. From the beleaguered foot soldiers of the Astra Militarum and the flying aces of the Imperial Navy, to secretive Inquisitors and heroic Adeptus Astartes, the warriors of the Imperium fight amidst the guttering light of civilisation while chaotic warlords seek to snuff...

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  • Where It Rains in Color

    Where It Rains in Color

    Crittendon, Denise

    When her flawless skin becomes infected with a debilitating disease, causing her to lose her ability to shimmer, Lileala, the Rare Indigo of a color-rich utopia in the center of the galaxy, discovers her destiny goes far beyond her beauty as a new power awakens inside her.

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  • Black Empire

    Black Empire

    Schuyler, George S.

    "At once a daring, high-stakes science fiction adventure and a strikingly innovative Afrofuturist classic, this controversial and fearlessly political work lays bare the ethical quandaries of exactly how far one should go in the name of justice"--

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  • Wormhole


    Brooke, Keith

    "Detective Inspectors Gordon Kemp and Danni Bellini are pulled off their routine cold case investigations and ordered to investigate a murder from 2109: eighty years ago ..."--Back cover.

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  • Nordenholt's Million

    Nordenholt's Million

    Connington, J. J.

    "Bacteria inimical to plant growth spread around the world, causing a blight, Jack Flint is invited to become director of operations at Nordernholt's survivalist colony in England's Clyde Valley"--

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