• Hit Parade of Tears

    Hit Parade of Tears

    Suzuki, Izumi

    "Izumi Suzuki had ideas about doing things differently, ideas that paid little attention to the laws of physics, or the laws of the land. In this new collection, her skewed imagination distorts and enhances some of the classic concepts of science fictionand fantasy"--

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  • The Mimicking of Known Successes

    The Mimicking of Known Successes

    Older, Malka

    "'Every once in a while, a book comes along that is both a comfort read and a rousing, fist-pumping adventure, and The Mimicking of Known Successes absolutely is both of those things. An utter triumph'--Charlie Jane Anders. The Mimicking of Known Successes presents a cozy Holmesian murder mystery and sapphic romance, set on Jupiter, by Malka Older, author of the critically-acclaimed Centenal Cycle. On a remote, gas-wreathed outpost of a human colony on Jupiter, a man goes missing. The enigmatic Investigator Mossa follows his trail to Valdegeld, home to the colony's erudite university--and Mossa's former girlfriend, a scholar of Earth's...

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  • Barbarian's Prize

    Barbarian's Prize

    Dixon, Ruby

    "Tiffany doesn't care about all the attention she's getting from the alien men, but there is one particular hunter she can see herself with--if only she can find a way to move forward from the past... It's hard being the most popular girl on the ice planet. The alien men are falling all over themselves to impress me in the hopes that I'll take them to my furs. But they don't know my secrets. And they don't realize that behind my smile, I just wish they'd take their courting presents and their competitions for my affection and go away. I...

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  • Heroes of An Unknown World

    Heroes of An Unknown World

    Jama-Everett, Ayize

    After traveling back in time to rescue his fostered daughter, Taggert has returned to the present and found himself in his favorite place: up against the wall. But the world they've returned to is not the one they left: everything is slightly grayer, the music is boring, joy is just out of reach. The liminals' entropic enemies, the Alters, are trying to bring about the end of the world by sucking the life--literally--out of enough people to tip the balance their way. Traveling from Jamaica to London to Indonesia to the heart of the whirlwind in the desert at the...

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  • About Time

    About Time

    Taylor, Jodi

    Patience is not a virtue known to the Time Police. And Commander Hay is facing the longest day of her life... After their heroic efforts to safeguard the Acropolis and prevent the Paris Time-Stop, the Time Police have gone from zero to hero. Then one fateful mission to apprehend a minor criminal selling dodgy historical artefacts blows up in all their faces. An officer is attacked within TPHQ. A prisoner is murdered. And investigations are about to lead to the one place where no officer can legally tread. Worst of all, trouble is brewing for Luke, Jane and Matthew as...

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  • The Steps of the Sun

    The Steps of the Sun

    Tevis, Walter S.

    It is the year 2063 and all energy sources have been depleted or declared unsafe. An ice age has begun, China's world dominance is growing, and America is sliding into impotence. Only Ben Belson, a New York financier, has any hope of reversing the decline of civilization. Undaunted by the apathy around him, haunted by emotional problems that are driving him toward suicide, he embarks on a highly publicized search for an extraterrestrial fuel supply. Though he sleeps through the long night of space, fate brings him to his star. What happens there shocks him back into sanity and life.

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  • Frontier


    Curtis, Grace

    In the distant future most of the human race has fled a ravaged Earth to find new life on other planets. For those who stayed, a lawless society remains. What passes for justice is presided over by the High Sheriff, and carried out by his ruthless Deputy. Then a ship falls from the sky, bringing the Stranger, a crew member on the first ship in centuries to attempt a return to Earth and save what's left. The Stranger finds herself adrift in a ravaged, unwelcoming landscape, full of people who hate and fear her space-born existence. Scared, alone, and armed,...

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  • Mockingbird


    Tevis, Walter S.

    "As Robert Spofforth ascends to the top of the crumbling Empire State Building, his only wish is to be able to step off the ledge. But as one of the last androids tasked with overseeing the bleak persistence of mankind, his programing prevents him from ending his long and tired life. In this world where reading has been forgotten, physical contact is forbidden, and the vestiges of humanity idle away their days in a narcotic haze, the future is decidedly grim. But when Paul Bentley, an unremarkable man who makes a remarkable discovery, shares his new knowledge -- called reading...

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  • Chance


    FitzSimmons, Matthew

    Cloning is a luxury for the wealthy. For Chance Harker, it's a way of getting on with his lives. Five years ago, when he was sixteen, he and his brother, Marley, were murdered in a kidnapping gone wrong. Chance was revived -- and his grieving parents met his existence with anger, neglect and aversion. The public, though? They can't get enough of the death-defying stunts he has parlayed into a social media spectacle. But after Chance's latest "refresh," he awakens to accusations that he's killed Lee Conway, a stranger Chance has never met. Has one of his clones? With no...

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  • Fractal Noise

    Fractal Noise

    Paolini, Christopher

    "July 25th, 2234: The crew of the Adamura discovers the Anomaly. On the seemingly uninhabited planet Talos VII:a circular pit, 50 kilometers wide. Its curve not of nature, but design. Now, a small team must land and journey on foot across the surface to learn who built the hole and why. But they all carry the burdens of lives carved out on disparate colonies in the cruel cold of space. For some the mission is the dream of the lifetime, for others a risk not worth taking, and for one it is a desperate attempt to find meaning in an...

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