• Two Old Broads

    Two Old Broads

    Hecht, M. E.

    Both hilarious and helpful, this practical and unapologetic health and lifestyle guide tells it like it is for women who left middle age in the dust and want to be present, positive, and as extraordinary as ever in their golden years.

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  • 100 Cities, 5,000 Ideas

    100 Cities, 5,000 Ideas

    Yogerst, Joseph R.

    "Discover the world's 100 best cities to explore - including amazing skylines, mouthwatering bites, and pure fun - in this smart and inspiring travel resource"--

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  • The Cottage Fairy Companion

    The Cottage Fairy Companion

    Merrill, Paola

    "Romanticize your life anywhere. The Cottage Fairy Companion helps readers open their eyes to the everyday magic right in front of them. It gives a new perspective by revealing the lessons nature teaches about finding beauty through the good times and the bad. Everyone from--city-dwellers to country bobkins--can find delight in this book. It shows that you do not need a cottage in the rustic countryside to achieve a cottagecore aesthetic, or to apply aspects of slow living to your daily life. Use mindfulness for healing and fulfillment. Paola Merrill, author and creator behind the popular YouTube channel The Cottage...

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  • Untangled


    Paley Ellison, Koshin

    "We live in a shallow "junk" pleasure-seeking culture, searching for connection in the wrong places, keeping our restlessness and anxiety at bay with unfulfilling distractions. The results of our junk pleasure culture are obvious: hundreds of articles have been published about the rise of loneliness and its detrimental effects on our mental, emotional, and physical health. Even those of us who have succeeded in the ways that society encourages-getting married, making money, and acquiring status-often feel unanchored, disengaged, and empty. What we want is to live a life of true pleasure-a life infused with meaning, marked by genuine relationship, and...

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  • My Trade Is Mystery

    My Trade Is Mystery

    Phillips, Carl

    "In these intimate and eloquent meditations, the award-winning poet Carl Phillips shares lessons he has learned about the writing life, an "apprenticeship to what can never fully be mastered." Drawing on forty years of teaching and mentoring emerging writers, he weaves his experiences as a poet with the necessary survival skills, including ambition, stamina, silence, politics, practice, audience, and community. In the tradition of Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird, Rainer Maria Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet, and Marcus Aurelius's Meditations, this is an invaluable companion for writers at every stage of their journey. Phillips's book serves as a partner...

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  • Weavers, Scribes, and Kings

    Weavers, Scribes, and Kings

    Podany, Amanda H.

    "This sweeping history of the ancient Near East (Mesopotamia, Syria, Anatolia, Iran) takes readers on a journey from the creation of the world's first cities to the conquest of Alexander the Great. The book is built around the life stories of many ancient men and women, from kings, priestesses, and merchants to bricklayers, musicians, and weavers. Their habits of daily life, beliefs, triumphs, and crises, and the changes that they faced over time are explored through their written words and the archaeological remains of the buildings, cities, and empires in which they lived. Rather than chronicling three thousand years of...

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  • For A Dollar and A Dream

    For A Dollar and A Dream

    Cohen, Jonathan D.

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  • The Concise Guide to Bipolar Disorder

    The Concise Guide to Bipolar Disorder

    Mondimore, Francis Mark

    "The author, a psychiatrist, distills everything readers need to know about bipolar disorder. In down-to-earth language, he explains what bipolar disorder is and how readers can live their best life with the help of medications, therapy, the support of family and friends, and medical care. This is a resource for the newly diagnosed or those seeking rapid answers to the most common questions about bipolar disorder"--

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  • Ride-or-die


    Hubbard, Shanita

    "Cultural criticism and pop culture history intertwine to dissect how hip hop has sidelined Black women's identity and emotional well-being"--

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  • Dinner in Rome

    Dinner in Rome

    Viestad, Andreas

    "There is more history in a bowl of pasta than in the Colosseum," writes Andreas Viestad in Dinner in Rome. From the table of a classic Roman restaurant, Viestad takes us on a fascinating culinary exploration of the Eternal City and global civilization. Food, he argues, is history's secret driving force. Viestad finds deeper meanings in his meal: He uses the bread that begins his dinner to trace the origins of wheat and its role in Rome's rise as well as its downfall. With his fried artichoke antipasto, he explains olive oil's part in the religious conflict of sixteenth-century Europe....

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