• Amy Winehouse

    Amy Winehouse

    Winehouse, Amy

    "Global icon. Six-time Grammy winner. Headline maker. The most talented recording artist of her generation. Much has been said about Amy Winehouse since her tragic death at age 27. But who was the real Amy? Amy Winehouse: In her words shines a spotlight on her incredible writing talent and her wit, charm, and lust for life. Bringing together Amy's own never-before-seen journals, handwritten lyrics, and family photographs for the first time, this intimate tribute traces her creative evolution, from growing up in North London to global superstardom, and provides a rare insight into the girl who became a legend"--Page 4...

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  • Unbottled


    Jaffee, Daniel

    "In just four decades, bottled water has transformed from a luxury niche item into a ubiquitous consumer product, representing a $300 billion market dominated by global corporations. It sits at the convergence of a mounting ecological crisis of single-useplastic waste and climate change, a social crisis of drinking water affordability, and a struggle over the fate of public water systems. Unbottled examines the vibrant movements that have emerged to question the need for bottled water and challenge its growth in North America and worldwide. Drawing on extensive interviews with activists, residents, public officials, and other participants in controversies ranging from...

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  • Honeybee


    Marchese, C. Marina

    "One woman's charming, thoroughly engaging account of abandoning the rat race to live blissfully as a beekeeper and honey entrepreneur - plus everything you'd ever want to know about honeybees!"--Inside jacket.

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  • Satchel Paige's America

    Satchel Paige's America

    Fox, William Price

    A dialogue between the author and the legendary pitcher forms the basis of a colorful portrait of Satchel Paige, his youth, his storied baseball career with the Negro Leagues and with the Cleveland Indians, his thoughts about life in a segregated America, and his friendships with other sports greats, celebrities, and others.

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  • The Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy

    The Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy

    Melia, Fulvio

    Could Einstein have possibly anticipated directly testing the most captivating prediction of general relativity, that there exist isolated pockets of spacetime shielded completely from our own? Now, almost a century after that theory emerged, one of the world's leading astrophysicists presents a wealth of recent evidence that just such an entity, with a mass of about 3 million suns, is indeed lurking at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way -- in the form of a supermassive "black hole"! With this superbly illustrated, elegantly written, nontechnical account of the most enigmatic astronomical object yet observed, Fulvio Melia captures all...

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  • Martin Luther King, Jr

    Miller, William Robert

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  • Shabbat


    Sussman, Adeena

    "The author of Sababa returns with a collection of good-for-the-soul recipes that embody the spirit and pleasures of Shabbat. As a child, Adeena Sussman looked forward to the magic of Shabbat--the traditional Jewish day of rest--all week. A treasured time when family and friends come together to relax, unwind, and revel in one another's company during an open-ended, tantalizing meal, Shabbat has been practiced all over the world, and throughout history. In Adeena's home, then and now, the Shabbat table is a centering force, a nourishing place where one and all are welcome. It's an opportunity every week to feed...

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  • Cook It up

    Cook It up

    Guarnaschelli, Alex

    "Through seventy-five witty and informative recipes, Alex and Ava share a repertoire of dishes that define their modern family meals: bold flavored, comforting, satisfying, and always supremely delicious. Side by side, they cook their way through family favorites like Alex's renowned cookbook editor/mom's famous Blueberry Pie and Nanny Ida's Crisp Potato Latkes and offer sound cooking advice for achieving the fluffiest frittatas (add water, never milk) and how to properly season and mix a chicken meatball mixture so the meatballs stay juicy (spread the mixture up around the sides of the bowl and then season). There's even a bonus recipe...

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  • Larry McMurtry

    Larry McMurtry

    Daugherty, Tracy

    "A biography of the late Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist and screenwriter Larry McMurtry from New York Times bestselling author Tracy Daugherty. In over forty books, in a career that spanned over sixty years, Larry McMurtry staked his claim as a superior chronicler of the American West, and as the Great Plains' keenest witness since Willa Cather and Wallace Stegner. Larry McMurtry: A Life traces his origins as one of the last American writers who had direct contact with this country's pioneer traditions. It follows his astonishing career as bestselling novelist, Pulitzer-Prize winner, author of the beloved Lonesome Dove, Academy-Award winning...

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  • The Six

    The Six

    Grush, Loren

    Tells the true story of America's first women astronauts--six extraordinary women, each making history going to orbit aboard NASA's Space Shuttle.

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