• Speak


    Oyeneyin, Tunde

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  • The Carbon Footprint of Everything

    The Carbon Footprint of Everything

    Berners-Lee, Mike

    "An award-winning, practical (and funny) guide to reducing your carbon footprint. Calculate your carbon footprint: with an item-by-item breakdown. Meet your company's carbon goals: using the latest research. Covid-19 and the carbon battle: understand the new global supply chain. The Carbon Footprint of Everything breaks items down by the amount of carbon they produce, creating a calorie guide for the carbon-conscious. With engaging writing, leading carbon expert Mike Berners-Lee shares new carbon calculations based on recent research. He considers the impact of the pandemic on the carbon battle--especially the embattled global supply chain--and adds items we didn't consider a decade...

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  • Reclaiming Two-Spirits

    Reclaiming Two-Spirits

    Smithers, Gregory D.

    "A sweeping history of Indigenous traditions of gender and sexuality that decolonizes North America's past and reveals how Two-Spirit people are reclaiming their place in Native nations"--

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  • The Art of Arousal

    The Art of Arousal

    Westheimer, Ruth K.

    Erotic encounters have been celebrated by artists from the beginning of time. This irresistible volume presents 120 of the most engagingly erotic paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings from diverse eras and cultures, coupled with revealing commentaries about their sexual and aesthetic content.0Organised unlike any other collection of erotic images, The Art of Arousal traces the course of a sensual relationship. It begins by examining the elements of eroticism, and then progresses from flirtation and seduction through kisses and other foreplay before ultimately arriving at consummation and blissful exhaustion. The irrepressible Dr. Ruth explores every element of sexuality in these provocative...

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  • Peacock Angel

    Peacock Angel

    Wilson, Peter Lamborn

    "An examination of the beliefs and history of the secretive Yezidi sect Explains how the Yezidis worship Melek Ta'us, the Peacock Angel, an enigmatic figure often identified as "the devil" or Satan, yet who has been redeemed by God to rule a world of beauty and spiritual realization Examines Yezidi antinomian doctrines of opposition, their cosmogony, their magical lore and taboos, the role of angels, ritual, and symbology, and how the Yezidi faith relates to other occult traditions such as alchemy Presents the first English translation of the poetry of Caliph Yazid ibn Muawiya, venerated by the Yezidis as Sultan...

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  • Families We Keep

    Families We Keep

    Reczek, Corinne E.

    "There is no "'till death do us part" vow between parents and children. And yet, parent-child relationships are far more enduring than the marital relationships that made this phrase famous. The life-long parent-child tie is so ubiquitous and taken-for-granted that it doesn't need an oath. This unspoken pledge is our birthright; in times of good and bad, sickness and health, parents and their children are bound for life. But, not every parent-child tie is healthy and helpful. And what's remarkable is thisimperative persists even when these relationships are unsatisfactory or even deeply damaging. Why do we stay in these parent-adult...

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  • Anti-racist Leadership

    Anti-racist Leadership

    White, James D.

    "Building anti-racist companies by design creates great places to work for all. Business leaders who are ready to take a bold stance to make the world better for their employees, consumers, and community: read this book. This book is not apolitical. This book is explicitly anti-racist. This book takes the stance that Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA rights are human rights, people of all abilities deserve respect and access, and people of all genders have the right to sovereignty over their identities. This book acknowledges that capitalism is built on a foundation of systemic racism. Business leaders, you hold an important...

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  • Kingdom Race Theology

    Kingdom Race Theology

    Evans, Tony

    "America's racial conflict isn't over-and the current discussion hasn't brought us any closer. The beginnings of a helpful dialogue on diversity became a heated battle about systemic racism, white privilege, and Critical Race Theory, all framed by the slogan "black lives matter." Bestselling author Tony Evans answers with a fearless and prophetic voice, pointing to God's Word as the only lasting solution. Kingdom Race Theology helps people and churches commit to restitution, reconciliation, and responsibility. Together we can work across racial lines to repair the damage done by a long history of racial injustice"--

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  • Young, Gifted, and Black

    Young, Gifted, and Black

    Rowe, Sheila Wise

    "Giving voice to the real-life stories of Black millennials and younger adults, Sheila Wise Rowe goes beyond their struggles to point towards hope, joy, and healing. Drawing on years of counseling trauma and abuse survivors, she provides stories, reflections, and tools for Black readers of all ages as they journey toward healing from the barriers affecting them, their children, and their communities"--

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  • Black Panther and Philosophy

    Black Panther and Philosophy

    "When the character of Black Panther first appeared in Fantastic Four no. 52 in July 1966, legendary creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby didn't just write a story about another hero with extraordinary powers, they birthed the first Black superhero. For Lee, "it was a very normal thing," because "A good many of our people here in America are not white. You've got to recognize that and you've got to include them whatever you do." While it might've seemed normal to Lee, Black Panther's (and Wakanda's) significance cannot be overstated. After all, the first Black superhero isn't just a Black...

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