• Billion Dollar Loser

    Billion Dollar Loser

    Wiedeman, Reeves

    The inside story of the rise and fall of WeWork, showing how the excesses of its founder shaped a corporate culture unlike any other. Christened a potential savior of Silicon Valley's startup culture, Adam Neumann was set to take WeWork, his office share company disrupting the commercial real estate market, public, cash out on the company's 47 billion dollar valuation, and break the string of major startups unable to deliver to shareholders. But as employees knew, and investors soon found out, WeWork's capital was built on promises that the company was more than a real estate purveyor, that in fact...

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  • Sometimes You Have to Lie

    Sometimes You Have to Lie

    Brody, Leslie

    Louise Fitzhugh's books are full of resistance: to liars, to conformity, to authority, and even (radically, for a children's author) to make-believe. As a commercial children's author and lesbian, Fitzhugh often had to disguise the nature of her most intimate relationships. She lived her life as a dissenter--a friend to underdogs, outsiders, and artists--and her masterpiece remains long after her death to influence and provoke new generations of readers. Harriet is massively influential among girls and women in contemporary culture; she is the missing link between Jo March and Scout Finch, and it's not surprising that writers have thought of...

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  • Snowy Owl

    Snowy Owl

    Bannick, Paul

    "The Snowy Owl--also known as the Arctic Owl, Snowy White Owl, and White Owl-is one of the most easily identified but least understood owls in the world. Award-winning author and photographer Paul Bannick shares his unique and intimate photographs of these owls and delves into their natural history, including the latest research, providing readers with comprehensive yet accessible looks at their preferred habitat, hunting and feeding behavior, mating and nesting actions, owlets and fledglings, and more"--

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  • The Pattern Seekers

    The Pattern Seekers

    Baron-Cohen, Simon

    Simon Baron-Cohen reveals the surprising answer to two apparently distinct questions: Why are humans so inventive? And why does autism exist? The first question hangs over almost every human endeavor: business people want to know how to innovate. Cognitive psychologists want to understand the nature of creativity. Evolutionary scientists and comparative psychologists want to understand why we are capable of such cultural complexity and diversity, when other animals, at best, have learned how to use a rock as a simple tool. At the same time, the study of autism has become a preeminent concern among overlapping groups, from educators to...

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  • Paper Joy for Every Room

    Paper Joy for Every Room

    Farion, Laure

    What's the most fun way to add new creative touches to your living space? As followers of Laure Farion's brand PapierPapierPapier know, the answer is paper! Here are 15 stylish, joyful paper projects to decorate every room in the house. Take advantage of paper's inexpensive charms and Laure's lighthearted designs to make your spaces more stylish, more creative, and more colorful. With this book, your favorite papers, and a few basic household items like scissors and a ruler, you can add beautiful touches to the kitchen, the kids' rooms, adults' bedrooms, the office, and even the yard or balcony. Make...

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  • Act Like A Lady

    Act Like A Lady

    Knight, Keltie

    "The hosts of the popular podcast and E! show LadyGang offer a relatable, empowering, and hilarious take on being unapologetically yourself (even if that's not always your best self) in a manifesto that redefines womanhood for the twenty-first century lady"--

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  • Loveable Felted Animals

    Loveable Felted Animals

    Sakuda, Yuko

    This book shows you how to make a menagerie of wild and tame creatures, from realistic figures to sweet and easy character novelties. Illustrated step-by-step instructions take you through each project, and a lesson on basics helps you get started different projects show how to add details such as clawed feet, antlers, markings and tail feathers. With the variety presented in this book, you can start with something easy and move on to animal figures that let you capture delicate expression and add a little attitude.

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  • Life in the Stupidverse

    Life in the Stupidverse

    Tomorrow, Tom

    "Welcome to the Stupidverse! Good luck finding an exit. Relive all the trauma of the first several years of the Trump presidency through the Pulitzer-nominated cartoons of Tom Tomorrow! You've never laughed quietly to yourself so much at humanity's impending doom! It's a hilarious but nightmarish trip down memory lane, from the Great Inaugural Crowd Size debate to the nomination of Bret ("I LIKE BEER") Kavanaugh, from Muslim bans to concentration camps, from the Mueller report to the latest outrageous thing you just read about this morning -- Tom covers it all so you can hide in bed with a...

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  • SQL in Easy Steps

    SQL in Easy Steps

    McGrath, Mike

    SQL (Structured Query Language) is THE standard language used world-wide for database communication on all popular database software. It allows the storage and manipulation of data both on Windows platforms and on Unix-based platforms, such as Linux. SQL in easy steps, 4th edition begins by explaining how to download and install the free MySQL database server on both Windows and Linux platforms. This allows you to establish an environment in which to develop and administer your own databases. This book makes no assumption that you will have previous knowledge of any programming or scripting language so it's ideal for the...

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  • Super Simple Hand-lettering Projects

    Super Simple Hand-lettering Projects

    Bennett, Kiley

    "You love to letter and you have a favourite alphabet. Now, let your calligraphy skills shine and take your talent to the next level! Discover ways to hand letter on a variety of different surfaces and materials to create amazing works of art, whether you want to gift, sell or decorate your home. From lettering on fabric, wood, and chalkboards to digitizing your lettering and even lettering in 3D, create stunning Christmas ornaments, cake toppers, inspirational signs and so much more. By the same author of the bestselling Super Simple Hand Lettering, Kiley Bennett, this is the ultimate source of...

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