• Fairy Tail

    Fairy Tail

    Mashima, Hiro

    "The battles between Fairy Tail and Diabolos continue to rage in the labyrinth, with both sides beating the living daylights out of each other. Selene's enjoyment of the violent spectacle comes to a screeching halt when the fire dragon god Ignia suddenly appears, throwing the worst wrench in her plans. Natsu, of course, is instantly fired up to fight Ignia, but Ignia's got plans of his own--secret plans that may spell disaster for all!"--Back cover.


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  • Cat + Gamer

    Cat + Gamer

    Nadatani, Wataru

    "A dedicated gamer, Riko discovers what it's like living with a cat--and she 'levels up' in responsibilities and skills every day! Musubi, her cute new companion, tries to understand Riko's behavior through a cat's worldview. Enjoying their time together, Riko learns more about cohabitating with a cat, as lessons in grooming, play, and personal space continue to be learned"-- Provided by publisher.


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  • Akane-banashi


    Suenaga, Yuki

    Akane takes on the world of rakugo to avenge her father! Shinta Arakawa wants nothing more than to pass his shin'uchi exam--the test that would make him a top-rank headliner and master storyteller in the traditional Japanese art of rakugo. Akane Osaki, his daughter and biggest fan, spies on him while he practices and learns his routines for herself. When rakugo master Issho Arakawa expels everyone after the exam with no explanation, a fire is lit inside Akane. From that day forth, she has had one goal--to avenge her father and prove his art was worthy of the title of...


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  • My Hero Academia

    My Hero Academia

    Furuhashi, Hideyuki

    "The final showdown in the streets of Naruhata reaches its climax as the monstrous Number 6 goes all out to destroy Koichi. All his life, Koichi dreamed of being a hero. When he realized that wasn't going to happen, he moved on. But now, fighting against the terrifying Number 6, his dream is all he's got to hold on to. If Koichi can tap into the real source of his power, he may at last become the hero he always wanted to be"-- Provided by publisher.


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  • Skip and Loafer

    Skip and Loafer

    Takamatsu, Misaki

    They've inspired each other as classmates from day one. Now, Mitsumi and Sousuke are ready to cross the line from friendship into true odd coupledom! Mitsumi's determined to have it all: love, friendship, grades, and student council...but these dizzying days might dazzle the daylights out of her instead!


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