• The Tiger's Tongue

    The Tiger's Tongue

    Stephens, Olivia

    "Under the militant rule of The Tiger's People, empowered by their animal familiars, the Claw is on the brink of war. At the precipice of adulthood, twin princesses Kelindi and Aridani hold the future of the Claw in their hands. Kelindi would sue for peace with The River's People, those who were subjugated "to bring order," while Aridani has never aspired to rule. But an ancient prophecy is revealed that'll force fate's hand for the sisters..."--Provided by publisher.


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  • Mao


    Takahashi, Rumiko

    "Exorcise your destiny in an era-spanning supernatural adventure from manga legend Rumiko Takahashi! When Nanoka is transported back in time to a supernatural early 20th century, she gets recruited by aloof exorcist Mao. What thread of fate connects them? Together, they seek answers...and kick some demon butt along the way! When Yurako reveals the history of her relationship with Mao, Nanoka starts to question her own feelings for him. But she doesn't have much time to dwell on her romantic life before the gang is off to investigate mysterious cases of spontaneous human combustion! Who is behind the immolation of...


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  • X-Men Red

    X-Men Red

    Ewing, Al

    "Battle for the broken land! Planet Arakko chose peace over war. Now war has chosen them. The monstrous arsenal of the Eternals is on the march. The Arakkii must defend their realm according to the ancient laws?but against an enemy even older than they are, can the old ways win? Or is a new Arakko about to be born?"--amazon.


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  • In Limbo

    In Limbo

    Lee, Deborah

    Ever since Deborah (Jung-Jin) Lee emigrated from South Kora to the United States, she's felt her otherness. For a while, her English wasn't perfect. Her teachers can't pronounce her Korean name. Her face and her eyes--especially her eyes--feel wrong. In high school, everything gets harder. Friendships change and end, she falls behind in classes, and fights with her mom escalate. Caught in limbo, with nowhere safe to go, Deb finds her mental health plummeting, resulting in a suicide attempt. But Deb is resilient and slowly heals with the help of art and self-care, guiding her to a deeper understanding of...


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  • Ima Koi

    Ima Koi

    Hatta, Ayuko

    "Even after they start their second year in high school together, Satomi and Yagyu's feelings for each other only grow. But in their new class, Miria--the girl every boy supposedly falls in love with--asks Satomi to introduce her to Yagyu?!"--


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  • X-Men


    Duggan, Gerry

    The mutants are the next stage of evolution. Evolution depends on a mutation of genes--the genes of the offspring deviating from their progenitors. Some would call the X-gene excess deviation--namely, the Eternals. Those people are gonna need to be taken down a few pegs. As the seismic events of A.X.E. rock the Marvel Universe, the Day of Judgment is here, for good or ill...and the newest team of X-Men must face the truth about themselves and what they have done! Plus, fear the Children of the Vault! They are hyper-evolved humans from a society whose time moves much faster than...


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  • We Survived the Holocaust

    We Survived the Holocaust

    Baker, Frank W. (Educational consultant)

    "During Adolf Hitler's rule over Nazi Germany there were over 40,000 concentration, labor, and death camps built with the intent of erasing an entire population of Jews, Sinti and Roma, as well as "other examples of impure races." Bluma Tishgarten and Felix Goldberg were both young Polish Jews caught up in the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler's rise to power, the rise of anti-semitism, and more. But yet they survived. Bluma and Felix's miraculous story of survival, combined with the rise of nationalism and fascism, leading to the extermination of millions of human beings is also a cautionary tale... a dangerous history...


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  • The Way of the Househusband

    The Way of the Househusband

    Oono, Kousuke

    "Tatsu faces off against his toughest opponent yet--a cunning little girl who refuses to eat her vegetables! It's going to take more than some quick sleight of hand to get one over on this smart cookie. Does the Immortal Dragon have what it takes to deliver the goods?"--Provided by publisher.


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  • Blade Runner Black Lotus

    Blade Runner Black Lotus

    Collins, Nancy A.

    "Set in the year 2032, Blade Runner: Black Lotus features an all-new cast of characters and introduces Nia Wallace, heir to the Tyrell empire and future creator of the JOI hologram and the Replicant Love, as seen in the smash hit 2017 movie Blade Runner 2049, directed by Denis Villeneuve. Revealing a world of Blade Runner not previously explored, this all-new graphic novel collects together the four-issue mini-series and features a new type of Replicant, not seen before - the deadly Nexus 9."--Publisher.


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  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

    Araki, Hirohiko

    "There is no progress without sacrifice... Giorno and the gang have survived long enough to secure an earth-shattering secret about the boss, but it may cost them their lives! Then, Bruno Bucciarati faces off alone against a powerful enemy, but a face from the past emerges during the bitter battle. Is this the surprise return of an old friend or the introduction of a new foe?!"--Publisher.


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