• The Playwright's House

    The Playwright's House

    Suarez, Dariel

    "Happily married, backed by a powerful mentor, and with career prospects that would take him abroad, Serguey has more than any young Cuban lawyer could ask for. But when his estranged brother Victor appears with news that their father-famed theater director Felipe Blanco-has been detained for what he suspects are political reasons, Serguey's privileged life is suddenly shaken. A return to his childhood home in Havana's decaying suburbs-a place filled with art, politics, and the remnants of a dissolving family-reconnects Serguey with his troubled past. He learns of an elusive dramaturge's link to Felipe, a man who could be key...

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  • Shutter


    Larsen, Melissa

    "A young woman agrees to star in a filmmaker's latest project, but soon realizes the movie is not what she expected in this chilling debut novel. In the wake of her father's death, Betty Roux doesn't allow herself to mourn. Instead, she pushes away her mother, breaks up with her boyfriend, and leaves everything behind to move to New York City. She doesn't know what she wants, except to run. When she's offered the chance to play the leading role in mysterious indie filmmaker Anthony Marino's new project, she jumps at the opportunity. For a month Betty will live in...

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  • The Story of Silence

    The Story of Silence

    Myers, Alex

    After been hidden away and raised as a boy to avoid the King's harsh decree which forbids women from receiving any inheritence, Silence navigates their nonbinary identity while dreaming of knighthood.

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  • Inside Man

    Inside Man

    Parker, K. J.

    "An anonymous representative of the Devil, once a high-ranking Duke of Hell and now a committed underachiever, has spent the last forever of an eternity leading a perfectly tedious existence distracting monks from their liturgical devotions. It's interminable, but he prefers it that way, now that he's been officially designated by Downstairs as "fragile." No, he won't elaborate. All that changes when he finds himself ensnared, along with a sadistic exorcist, in a labyrinthine plot to subvert the very nature of Good and Evil. In such a circumstance, sympathy for the Devil is practically inevitable"--

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  • The Abduction of Pretty Penny

    The Abduction of Pretty Penny

    Goldberg, Leonard S.

    "A continuation of the USA Today bestselling author Leonard Goldberg's Daughter of Sherlock Holmes series, The Abduction of Pretty Penny finds Joanna and the Watsons on the tail of an infamous killer ..."--

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  • Back in the Burbs

    Back in the Burbs

    Wolff, Tracy

    After a messy divorce, a young woman loses her job and her New York apartment and is forced to move to a house left to her by her great-aunt, hoping she can survive an unlikely life in the suburbs next door to an attractive but grumpy neighbor.

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  • The Wedding Night

    The Wedding Night

    Walker, Harriet

    "A bride and her friends decide to treat her cancelled destination wedding as a much-needed holiday--until explosive secrets threaten to tear them all apart. Lizzie is going to the south of France. She was supposed to be going for her wedding, but with only a week to go before the big day, she made the devastating decision to call it off. But since the chateau is already paid for, she and her closest friends have decided to use the wedding-that-wasn't as a vacation to help take Lizzie's mind off her suddenly single state. But upon their arrival, it appears the...

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  • The Resistance Man

    The Resistance Man

    Walker, Martin

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  • The Unquiet Dead

    The Unquiet Dead

    Khan, Ausma Zehanat

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  • The Hand That First Held Mine

    The Hand That First Held Mine

    O'Farrell, Maggie

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