• Dead at Daybreak: A Novel

    Dead at Daybreak: A Novel

    Meyer, Deon

    Investigating the unusual murder of an antiques dealer, former police officer Zet van Heerden struggles to overcome past demons and the uncertain loyalties of people affiliated with the case in order to identify the killer.

    Format: Book - 2005 First United States edition.

    Holds: 0 on 4 copies

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  • Titus Crow: Volume One

    Titus Crow: Volume One

    Lumley, Brian

    Format: Book - 1999 Omnibus edition.

    Holds: 1 on 4 copies

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  • Full Moon Over America

    Full Moon Over America

    Simpson, Thomas William, 1957-

    Set in the year 2001, this is a TV journalist's biography of President William MacKenzie, 32, "the last innocent man in America," elected on a platform of--well, no one really knows.

    Format: Book - 1994

    Holds: 0 on 3 copies

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  • Shell Game

    Shell Game

    Paretsky, Sara

    "Legendary sleuth V.I. Warshawski returns to the Windy City to save an old friend's nephew from a murder arrest. The case involves a stolen artifact that could implicate a shadowy network of international criminals. As V.I. investigates, the detective soon finds herself tangling with the Russian mob, ISIS backers, and a shady network of stock scams and stolen art that stretches from Chicago to the East Indies and the Middle East."--Provided by publisher.

    Format: Book - 2018 First edition.

    Holds: 87 on 17 copies

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  • The Line

    The Line

    Limón, Martin, 1948-

    "The Korean Demilitarized Zone, 1970s: A battered corpse is found a few feet north of the line dividing North and South Korea. When 8th Army CID Agents George Sueo and Ernie Bascom are ordered by superiors to pull the body to South Korean side, they have no idea of the international conflict the action will spark. Before war breaks out, they must discover who killed Corporal Noh Jong-bae, a young Korean civilian augmented to the US Army who had few enemies. But the murderer could be from either side of the DMZ, and if it turns out to be North Korea, how can two US military agents interrogate witnesses? What George and Ernie discover gets them pulled off the case, but they continue to look into Corporal Noh's death against orders, fearing they've put the wrong man behind bars"--Provided by publisher.

    Format: Book - 2018

    Holds: 44 on 10 copies

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  • The Good Shepherd

    The Good Shepherd

    Forester, C. S., 1899-1966

    "The mission of Commander George Krause of the United States Navy is to protect a convoy of thirty-seven merchant ships making their way across the icy North Atlantic from America to England. There, they will deliver desperately needed supplies, but only if they can make it through the wolfpack of German submarines that awaits and outnumbers them in the perilous seas. For forty eight hours, Krause will play a desperate cat and mouse game against the submarines, combating exhaustion, hunger, and thirst to protect fifty million dollars' worth of cargo and the lives of three thousand men.." --Provided by publisher.

    Format: Book - 2018

    Holds: 3 on 5 copies

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  • Murder With A Cherry on Top

    Murder With A Cherry on Top

    Baxter, Cynthia, 1953-

    When Kate moves back home to care for her grandmother, she indulges her dream of opening up an ice cream shop, and ends up the prime suspect in her rival's murder.

    Format: Book - 2018 First Kensington hardcover edition.

    Holds: 4 on 4 copies

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  • The Duke I Tempted

    The Duke I Tempted

    Peckham, Scarlett

    Having overcome financial ruin and redeemed his family name to become the most legendary investor in London, the Duke of Westmead needs to secure his holdings by producing an heir. Which means he must find a wife who won't discover his secret craving to spend his nights on his knees--or make demands on his long scarred-over heart. Poppy Cavendish is not that type of woman. An ambitious self-taught botanist designing the garden ballroom in which Westmead plans to woo a bride, Poppy has struggled against convention all her life to secure her hard-won independence. She wants the capital to expand her exotic nursery business--not a husband. But there is something so compelling about Westmead, with his starchy bearing and impossibly kind eyes--that when an accidental scandal makes marriage to the duke the only means to save her nursery, Poppy worries she wants more than the title he is offering. The arrangement is meant to be just business. A greenhouse for an heir. But Poppy yearns to unravel her husband's secrets--and to tempt the duke to risk his heart.

    Format: Book - 2018

    Holds: 3 on 5 copies

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  • Abyss: Fathomless II

    Abyss: Fathomless II

    Beck, Greig

    Cate Granger is chasing ghosts.The monster shark she once encountered was a remnant of the ancient world--one that had escaped an underwater lair previously sealed off for millions of years. At great cost, Cate and her allies had killed the beast. So, no more ghosts, no more shadows. All gone. Or so Cate thought. A research ship is sound-blasting the deep seabed looking for petroleum signatures. But in doing so they disturb something that has been hiding in the trenches for countless millennia. What Cate thought was dead rises from the cold depths of hell. She, Jack Monroe, a Russian billionaire and her team of marine biologists are forced once more to enter the abyssal zone of the deepest ocean trenches, to confront a creature from the Earth's distant past.

    Format: Book - 2018

    Holds: 2 on 5 copies

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  • On the Mountain of the Lord: A Novel

    On the Mountain of the Lord: A Novel

    Bentley, Ray

    Jack Garrison lost his wife and their only child in a car accident--and now he's lost his faith. As Jack journeys through the Holy Land, he is caught up in visions and dreams. Following hints from these prophetic visions, he begins a quest that will bring him dangerously close to a deadly enemy. Is God calling him? And if so, why? -- adapted from jacket. (10/22/2018 11:29:24 PM)

    Format: Book - 2018

    Holds: 2 on 3 copies

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