• Ways to Grow Love

    Ways to Grow Love

    Watson, Renée

    Ryan Hart returns in this second installment of stories exploring the challenges and anxiety of growing up. As she finishes up 4th grade, she is so excited about summer, but with a new baby on the way, things don't go as expected. But she tackles these challenges with grace, tenacity, and spirit that is sure to inspire young readers.

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  • Tofu Takes Time

    Tofu Takes Time

    Wu, Helen H.

    Stories about food and family are always a great choice for read-alouds. Tofu Takes Time is a charming story about Lin and her grandma, NaiNai as they tackle making tofu from scratch. Though Lin grows more impatient with each step, she eventually recognizes why tofu takes time. NaiNai, with Lin's help, turns a bag of soybeans into scrumptious tofu that is only possible with time, patience, and a lot of love.

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  • Always, Clementine

    Always, Clementine

    Sorosiak, Carlie

    Clementine is a very special mouse with abilities unlike any other. Scientists have put her through a zillion tests, but one day a kindhearted tech sets her free, and that’s when her true adventures begin! But being free isn’t enough when she knows her friends are still trapped in the lab. Told through letters between a mouse and a chimpanzee, this story is sure to melt your heart.

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  • The Coquíes Still Sing

    The Coquíes Still Sing

    González, Karina Nicole

    Elena loves to listen to the coquí frogs sing from the top of their family’s mango tree. But after a devastating hurricane, their songs disappear. But as Elena’s community comes together to rebuild their homes and livelihood, the songs of the coquíes slowly return. It’s a beautiful story of resilience and hope.

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  • Peggy's Impossible Tale

    Peggy's Impossible Tale

    Miki, Slavia

    Told through the voice of Peggy - an extraordinary guinea pig - this sweet story is a perfect book to share with the whole family. After being adopted by a devoted family, Peggy learns to communicate with them and eventually earns a prestigious prize for her endeavors.

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