Programs and Services for People in Need in 2018

Summary of Programs for People in Need

Wi-Fi hotspots

  • 675 Wi-Fi hotspots circulated 8,254 times
  • 157 additional Wi-Fi hotspots circulated to residents in tent cities and shelters in 2018
  • 42 percent of hotspot users have no home internet access and 37 percent earn less than $20,000 a year

Help for veterans

  • We offered help for veterans struggling to get back on their feet
  • 100+ veterans received help accessing vital social services
  • Services include help with housing, financial planning, legal issues, access to medical care and more

Tax Help

  • We offered tax preparation assistance to nearly 7,000 people who earn $64,000 a year and under

Other key 2018 initiatives

  • The popular Kids’ Cafe after-school meals continued at five branches
  • We continued drop-in programs for homeless youth 
  • 101,355 books and materials circulated to homebound and disabled patrons, senior centers and day cares that support low-income families
  • We held employment workshops for the formerly incarcerated
  • New classes on how to represent yourself in court were offered