Take the Mobile App Survey in Your Language

What's Happening Now

Using a similar framework to our website redesign project, the Library app development will involve opportunities for patrons to provide insight and feedback throughout each phase of the project.
Based on early feedback in focus groups, we know it is important for a Library app to function as a digital Library card; include accessibility features like scalable, high-contrast text and voice navigation; and support access in multiple languages.
We are now reaching out to patrons and community members via a survey to understand which additional features to include in an app.

What's Happening Next

This project will involve multiple opportunities to provide feedback on a mobile app for the Library. Bookmark this page for updates on the project status. 

Project phases:

  • Discovery and Community Engagement
    • Focus groups & surveys
  • Functionality
    • Review & select priority functions for an app
  • Design & Development
    • App development and testing
  • Implementation and Launch
    • Public launch and testing