What's Happening Now

Using a similar framework to our website redesign project, the Library app development will involve opportunities for patrons to provide insight and feedback throughout each phase of the project.

Based on focus group conversations and survey responses from over 3,000 people, we have developed a list of mobile app features that are important or very important to our community, in particular our prioritized communities. These features include access to library information, materials and programming, personalization, communication, and customizability, and maps and navigational aids.

This list of features informed our Request for Proposals (RFP) for the development of a mobile app for the Library. We released this RFP in August 2023. We anticipate selecting a vendor and beginning the design and development phase of this project in early 2024.

Help Us Test and Select Apps

As part of our process, we will give our community the opportunity to test demo apps from selected vendors and provide feedback. We are especially interested in hearing from people with disabilities and communities most impacted by the digital divide, including communities of color, seniors, low-income communities, and limited proficiency or non-English speaking communities.

What's Happening Next

This project will involve multiple opportunities to provide feedback on a mobile app for the Library. Bookmark this page for updates on the project status. 

Project phases:

  • Discovery and Community Engagement
    • Focus groups & surveys
  • Functionality
    • Review & select priority functions for an app
    • Vendor evaluation and selection
  • Design & Development
    • App development and testing
  • Implementation and Launch
    • Public launch and testing