• Alice Junior

    Alice Junior

    Alice, a transgender teen and social media star, dreams of her first kiss while finding her footing at a new high school in more conservative southern Brazil.

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  • Call Her Ganda

    Call Her Ganda

    PJ Raval's sobering documentary investigates the case of Jennifer Gaude, a transgender Filipina woman killed by a US Marine and her friends' and family's efforts to seek justice for her murder.

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  • Coby


    Filmed by his French half-brother, this poignant and intimate documentary follows Jacob Hunt through his gender transition and explores the impact on his family, community and loved ones.

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  • Days


    In this meditative, leisurely paced film from Taiwanese auteur Tsai Ming-liang, an older, lonely man suffering from emotional and physical ailments and a young, handsome sex worker share a chance encounter.

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  • Dolor y gloria

    Dolor y gloria

    Starring Antonio Banderas as an ailing gay film director, Pain and Glory is award-winning director Pedro Almodóvar's 21st feature film and perhaps the most autobiographical of his movies.

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  • End of the century

    End of the century

    From Argentinian director Lucio Castro comes a touching and beautifully realized love story between two men who seemingly first meet through a random encounter only to realize that their paths have crossed before.

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  • The Feels

    The Feels

    Starring Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians), this light-hearted romantic comedy takes places at a lesbian bachelorette party where one of the brides-to-be drunkenly reveals she's never had an orgasm.

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  • Happy Birthday, Marsha!

    Happy Birthday, Marsha!

    In this short film, black trans director Tourmaline pays tribute to legendary activist and transgender icon Marsha P. Johnson, recreating the hours immediately preceding the Stonewall uprising. Mya Taylor (Tangerine) stars as Marsha.

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  • Kelet


    Susani Mahadura's documentary follows Kelet, a young trans Somali woman, who returns to her childhood home in Finland to pursue her dreams of becoming a high fashion model.

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  • Keyboard Fantasies

    Keyboard Fantasies

    This thoughtful documentary tells the story of Beverly Glenn-Copeland, a pioneering electronic music composer whose groundbreaking 1986 album Keyboard Fantasies was rediscovered nearly 30 years after its initial release.

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