• Artisan Air-dry Clay

    Artisan Air-dry Clay

    Hostašová, Radka

    Aimed at absolute beginners-this book starts with an overview of the tools and materials needed to produce the best results.

    Format: Book

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  • Pinch your Pottery

    Pinch your Pottery

    Atkin, Jacqui

    Atkins covers everything from materials, to glazing and firing, and gives instructions for over 30 beginner and advanced projects. Each project, including functional pieces and decorative forms, is explained with step-by-step instructions and illustrated with photographs showing the techniques; there are also decorating and glazing suggestions and examples of completed projects.

    Format: Book

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  • Complete Pottery Techniques

    Complete Pottery Techniques

    Step-by-step photographs - some from the potter's perspective - show you exactly where to place your hands when throwing so you can master every technique you need to know.

    Format: Book

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  • Creative Pottery

    Creative Pottery

    Schwartzkopf, Deb

    With Creative Pottery, master new techniques as you learn how to make innovative functional forms, from teapots and juicers to serving trays and cake-stands. Hand-builders and wheel-throwers welcome!

    Format: eBook

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  • Seattle Pottery Supply - Tutorials

    Seattle Pottery Supply - Tutorials

    "As much as we learn about the art of pottery, the more we realize we can learn. We bring the experts together for masterclasses on ceramics techniques." Also a great local resource for all pottery supplies

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  • Saltstone Ceramics - Classes

    Saltstone Ceramics - Classes

    Seattle-based, artist-owned and artist-operated ceramics studio and gallery. We've got a full range of classes and workshops for potters of all age and skill levels. Our friendly instructors work hard to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for everyone in the studio. Whether you're new to ceramics or an old hand, you'll find something to grow your skills. We have limited free spots for BIPOC-identified folks in our classes and workshops.

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