• The New Craft of the Cocktail

    The New Craft of the Cocktail

    DeGroff, Dale

    The renowned cocktail bible, fully revised and updated by the legendary bartender who set off the cocktail craze--featuring over 100 brand-new recipes, all-new photography, and an up-to-date history of the cocktail. The Craft of the Cocktail was the first real cookbook for cocktails when it first published in 2002, and it has had a remarkable influence on bartending. With this new edition, the original gets a delicious update, bringing expertise from Dale DeGroff, the father of craft cocktails, to the modern bar for a new generation of cocktail enthusiasts. The beloved histories, culture, tips, and tricks are back but all are newly revised, and DeGroff's favorite liquor recommendations are included so you know which gin or bourbon will mix just right.

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  • Drinking Distilled

    Drinking Distilled

    Morgenthaler, Jeffrey

    An opinionated, illustrated guide for cocktail beginners, covering the basics of spirits plus making and drinking cocktails, written by celebrated craft cocktail bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler. This easy-reading, colorful introduction for cocktail beginners, with approximately 100 succinct lessons on drinking culture, spirits, and cocktail making, is delivered in the pithy, wry style Morgenthaler is known for in his instructional videos and writing for beverage publications.

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  • 11,000 Drinks

    11,000 Drinks

    Knorr, Paul

    The bible of booze is bigger and better than ever! This truly enormous compendium contains more than 30 years' worth of recipes, covering absolutely everything: from flaming shots and frozen drinks to martinis and tiki drinks. (There's even a chapter of X-rated cocktails for your naughty side!) Plus, you'll find plenty of helpful information on essential bartending tools and techniques, suggestions for stocking your home bar, and a glossary of ingredients to turn you into an instant mixologist.

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  • Mix Shake Stir

    Mix Shake Stir

    In Mix Shake Stir , Meyer offers all the tips and tools needed to become a masterful mixologist and supplements the cocktail recipes with gourmet takes on bar snacks. There are over 100 recipes of bar classics, signature favorites, and original, refreshing libations -- from the Modern's elegant mojito made with champagne and rose water to Tabla's Pomegranate Gimlet. Shaken or stirred, straight up or on the rocks, these cocktails make this collection an invaluable resource for elegant entertaining.

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  • Mixology


    Rapport, Holly

    Readers learn to become master mixologists with this hip, trendy drink-mix guide for both beginner and advanced cocktail-party hosts. There really is an art to preparing excellent mixed drinks, and MIXOLOGY is a one-stop shop for everything one needs to know about this popular craft. With a straightforward, easy-to-understand and humorous writing style, Holly Rapport guides readers through the "mixology" process.

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  • 1000 Best Bartender's Recipes

    1000 Best Bartender's Recipes

    Parker, Suzi

    For anyone looking to serve the perfect classic cocktail, or infuse a little tropical sun into your backyard BBQ, bartender extraordinaire Suzi Parker is here to show you the ropes. This must-have reference book covers all occasions, and is clearly written with a just a twist of humor, and includes information on: 101 shot recipes for the perpetually 21 Over 100 festive drinks for your next beach front luau, Christmas party, or 4th of July fireworks Sipping the martinis, cosmopolitans, and whiskies of pop-cultural icons, such as Frank Sinatra, James Bond, or Carrie Bradshaw The tools of the trade and essential ingredients for every bartender From the tried-and-true classics you know to exotic new drinks you'll love, 1000 Best Bartender Recipes is the ultimate guide for making your home bar dreams true, and the perfect gift for any budding mixologist.

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  • Bartending 101

    Bartending 101

    The Essential Bartending Crash Course Do you know how to set up a full bar for that party you're having? How much vermouth to use when your first guest requests a "dry martini on the rocks?" How to measure out a shot of alcohol using the three-count method? You'll find the answers to all of these questions and much more in this indispensable guide. Rather than teaching you recipes for drinks you've never heard of and will never have to make, the authors focus on the fundamentals of bartending--using the tools, learning the terminology and drink mnemonics, and setting up for a cocktail party. This book will transform the most ignorant imbiber into a sauce-slinger extraordinaire, ready to go out and bartend recreationally or professionally.

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