• The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs

    The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs

    A well-designed, visually appealing instructional cookbook from America's Test Kitchen for teens, geared toward beginner and experienced cooks. The 70+ included recipes are grouped together by meal type and range in difficulty. In addition to ingredients and cooking steps, each easy-to-follow recipe layout contains useful content like a "Before You Begin" tip, specific skill "how to"' information, and dish variations. (School Library Journal)

    Format: eBook

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  • The How-to Cookbook for Teens

    The How-to Cookbook for Teens

    Morrison, Julee

    This book will help you learn the basics of cooking and baking while having fun and creating incredible meals (and memories) from scratch. The recipes begin with the fundamentals, then take your skills to the next level.

    Format: Book

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  • Be More Vegan

    Be More Vegan

    Webster, Niki

    Whether you're ready to commit to a fully plant-based lifestyle or you'd just like to add a few meat-free dishes to your weekly meal plan, this is the ideal guide. It explains the reasons behind going vegan, including environmental, health and animal welfare benefits, in clear and simple language that helps young people make up their own minds.

    Format: Book

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  • The Teen Kitchen

    The Teen Kitchen

    Allen, Emily

    For beginner and budding chefs, this book has step-by-step directions, and introduction tot he basic tools a young chef needs, information on how to stay safe in the kitchen, and outlines techniques ranging from knife skills to ingredient swaps to how to photograph your food for social media or host a cooking party for friends.

    Format: Book

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  • The Healthy Teen Cookbook

    The Healthy Teen Cookbook

    Smith, Remmi

    Smith, a teen chef and entrepreneur, is on a mission to bring healthy food options and easy-to-cook scrumptious recipes to a busy generation of teens. These tried-and-true recipes use limited ingredients and a reduced number of steps.

    Format: Book

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  • Seattle YMCA - Class Options

    Seattle YMCA - Class Options

    Click on the blue "Find a Program" under Cooking for what's currently available: Cooking "Let’s get creative in the kitchen! We start with learning the basics, then turn up the heat to practice making more complex meals. Perfect for novices or teens ready to sharpen their skills."

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  • Goffstown Public Library - YouTube

    Goffstown Public Library - YouTube

    The Goffstown Public Library YouTube channel created a series of Life Skills videos that include a series of Cooking Basics. From boiling water, mac and cheese to identifying utensils, bowls and pans, useful information for the basic building blocks of cooking skills.

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