• Candles


    Stavert, Elaine

    This book shows the basic techniques of how to make pillar, floating, votive, multi-wick, tea light, dipped and rolled candles. Detailed information is given on a range of wicks, essential oils, colour and perfumes and advice on how to adapt them to make your own unique blends. Match the scent of your room to your mood with refreshing and uplifting blends through to warming and calming. Plus, all of these sumptuous recipes use either natural wax or soya wax - one of very few books ever to do so!

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  • Candle Making Basics

    Candle Making Basics

    This guide presents everything a novice needs to know to get started crafting traditional tapers and molded candles, container and rolled beeswax candles, and interesting variations on each. Includes guidelines for buying tools and materials, preparing the work space, and working safely and effectively, as well as suggested shopping lists and information on scents and dyes.

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  • Candlemaking the Natural Way

    Candlemaking the Natural Way

    Ittner, Rebecca

    In Candlemaking the Natural Way, soy, palm wax and beeswax are used to create tastefully beautiful and conscientiously eco-friendly projects. Fragrance, colour and wax additives are explored along with a range of basic techniques including dipped, rolled and molded methods. Beginning crafters in need of a quick and easy gift idea will be just as satisfied as the more advanced candlemaker searching for multi-faceted project inspiration; author Rebecca Ittner's friendly, you-can-too writing style invites both the novice and the aficionado to embrace the world of candlemaking.

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  • The Candlemaker's Companion

    The Candlemaker's Companion

    Oppenheimer, Betty

    Create exquisite, handcrafted candles at home with this comprehensive primer! From wax to wrapping, the magical glow of candle is now easier to create than ever before. With illustrated step-by-step instructions and complete source lists!

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  • The Everything Candlemaking Book

    The Everything Candlemaking Book

    Abadie, M. J.

    Now, with The Everything Candlemaking Book, you can enjoy the charm of candles every day, rather than reserve them only for holidays or fancy dinner parties. Home candlemaking is not only much more economical than buying premade candles--it's also a lot more fun! The Everything Candlemaking Book is a complete guide to making all kinds of candles at home, beginning with what you need to get started. Easy-to-follow steps lead you through the process of candlemaking--from making simple tapers and columns to layered, moulded, twisted, and more.

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  • The Handmade Candle

    The Handmade Candle

    Jenkins, Alison

    The irresistible charm of a flickering flame makes the candle a universally popular choice for mood lighting. Handmade candles make stylish and beautiful accessories, and they are inexpensive and fun to create. The craft of making your own candles is enjoying a revival, and candlemakers now have access to a vast array of wax products, molds, and decorative materials with which to experiment. THE HANDMADE CANDLE includes clear and simple instructions for making designer candles at home for a fraction of the retail cost.

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