Current Location at the Ballard Branch

Short Story Dispenser at Ballard Branch

At the Ballard Branch, by the main entrance.

Current Location at the University Branch

Short Story Dispenser at University Branch

At the University Branch, by the staff desk.

Stories by Local Writers

Our story dispensers now include works by Seattle area writers! Interact with the “Local writers” button to receive one of the following short stories by local authors:
Alicia Bones “Everybody Wants an Uncomplicated Life” and “Scissor to Strand Salonspa”
Alina Rios “Seeking Ore” and “Woven”
Andrea Eaker “The Build of a Siren”
Angie McCullagh “The Whole Flow” and “Green Freak”
Caitlin Andrews “Color Me Blue”
Carol Roscoe “Ruby's First Novel” and “Transplants”
Carolyn Abram “Nostalgia”
Ching-In Chen “Tree Skin” and “Leaving the Desert (story in reverse)”
David Drury “When the Lights Came Up” and “The House Lamps”
Hillary Behrman “Rocks” and “The Lost and Found”
Jennifer Fliss “Handprints” and “For the Dachshund Enthusiast”
Jessica Duling “Santa's Helpers” and “The Days I Hope For”
Johan Liedgren “Legs About Love”
John Whittier Treat “Almost”
Kate Williams “Doors Swing Both Ways”
Katie Kurtz “Session” and “The Book”
Kristen Millares Young “Try Saying Yes”
Lindy Thompson “Bugging Out” and “The Ice Storm”
Matthew Simmons “We Posted Through It”
Michael Bracy “Granny Earlene”
Michelle Templeton “Reading Emily Bronte” and “Burn”
Rita Grace Atmajian “Natural Wonders” and “Three Little Birds”
Ruthie Nicklaus “Just the Groceries, Please”
Stephanie Barbé Hammer “Island Story”and “The Beautiful Pilot”
Sudeshna Sen “Tagebuch”
Suzanne Morrison “The Mother’s Portion”
William Gallien “A Bunny Rabbit Eats Tea Leaves On TV”

About Short Edition

Inspired to promote literature in our ever faster, digital world of screens, French publishing company Short Edition imagined and created the Short Story Dispenser in 2016 to offer people unexpected literary moments in their daily lives.