• Metamorphoses


    Ibrahim, Sami

    The script of METAMORPHOSES, for your reading pleasure.

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  • Canterbury Tales

    Canterbury Tales

    Chaucer, Geoffrey

    Chaucer is among the many authors, classic and contemporary, who have drawn inspiration from Ovid's works, particularly the Metamorphoses. The Manciple's Tale and The Wife of Bath's Tale both rely heavily on stories from this work.

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  • Wake, Siren

    Wake, Siren

    MacLaughlin, Nina

    In this modern feminist reimagining of the Metamorphoses, MacLaughlin retells Ovid's tales from the perspectives of their heroines and radically reframes these classic narratives.

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  • An Imaginary Life

    An Imaginary Life

    Malouf, David

    In 8 AD, Ovid was banished from Rome to a remote village on the Black Sea. Malouf's novel takes up where the historical record ends, imagining Ovid's life in exile with vivid and evocative prose.

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  • Metamorphica


    Mason, Zachary

    In this novel of narrative fragments, author Mason reworks several of the stories from the Metamorphoses, using constellations as a framing device.

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  • Young Ovid

    Young Ovid

    Middlebrook, Diane Wood

    Renowned biographer Middlebrook died while working on this biography of Ovid, who left few traces in the historical record. This book contains three chapters on Ovid's early life, along with annotated sections of his poetry, including Metamorphoses.

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  • Metamorphoses: Métamorphoses

    Metamorphoses: Métamorphoses

    In French film director Christophe Honoré's loose adaptation of Ovid's Metamorphoses, Europa is a modern-day teenage girl seduced by Jupiter (who first appears to her in the form of a truck) and initiated in to the beguiling realm of the gods.

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  • The Metamorphoses

    The Metamorphoses


    (Re)familiarize yourself with the source material for METAMORPHOSES with Allen Mandelbaum's highly regarded verse translation of Ovid's classic work.

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  • Nightingale


    Rekdal, Paisley

    In this bracing collection of poetry and prose inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses, Rekdal (who was born and raised in Seattle), radically rewrites many of the myths that appear in Ovid's work, placing them in contemporary contexts.

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  • Niobe regina di Tebe

    Niobe regina di Tebe

    Steffani, Agostino

    This 17th-century opera by Italian composer Agostino Steffani tells the story of Niobe, Queen of Thebes, with a libretto by Luigi Orlandi that is drawn from Ovid's Metamorphoses.

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