• So Much Longing in So Little Space

    So Much Longing in So Little Space

    Knausgård, Karl Ove

    Norwegian painter Munch (“The Scream”) was greatly influenced by Ibsen’s plays and strongly identified with the character Oswald Alving in GHOSTS. Knausgård, a well-known Norwegian novelist, explores Munch’s life & work in this brief study.

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  • Youth and Exile

    Youth and Exile

    This short streaming video gives a concise overview of Ibsen’s life and work and presents a few scenes from GHOSTS accompanied by a discussion of the playwright’s stage techniques.

    Format: Streaming Video

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  • Seattle Rep's GHOSTS website

    Seattle Rep's GHOSTS website

    A fresh and relevant new translation of one of Henrik Ibsen’s most vivid and controversial masterpieces. Join Artistic Director Braden Abraham as he leads an in-depth discussion with the artists, and experience first-hand exclusive excerpts from this highly-anticipated project, revealing how collaboration among a diverse group of theater artists uniquely expands the creative process.

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