Serving South Park since 1911

South Park residents began asking for a branch library in 1908. In July 1911 the Library opened a deposit station at the South Park Pharmacy. The station moved, closed and reopened several times until 1947, when service was taken over by a bookmobile.

After 1947, the Library provided bookmobile service to seniors, child care centers, the community center and people confined to their homes. But residents still wanted their own library branch, and in 2006 they finally got their wish. The South Park Library Steering Committee, a community group that provided input and advocacy, was a large part of this work.

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A front porch for South Park

Exterior view of the South Park Branch
Exterior view of the South Park Branch

The new South Park Branch was the 20th project completed under the Libraries for All building program.

The building was designed by Johnston Architects and built by Cope Construction Co.

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Community-inspired light show

Seattle artist Franklin Joyce created projection art called "South Park Lights." Using theater lights, pictures are projected onto an outside wall. The images are inspired by the history and future of South Park’s neighborhood and community groups.

Named Spaces

Spaces named for donors include:

The Guiseppe and Assunta Desimone Reading Area and The Satterberg Foundation Children's Area.

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