About the branch

Exterior view at the High Point Branch
Exterior view at the High Point Branch

Teens have their own area with chairs and a window seat. The children's area is defined by four hanging "sky canoes." Adults have their own reading area with window seats and comfortable seating.

In the meeting room, you’ll enjoy a view of Puget Sound. When you’re in the main area of the branch, you can see the "bio-swale." It’s an eco-friendly landscape that uses plants to filter polluted water before it gets into the city’s stormwater system. Upper wall windows let daylight in all the way around the building, which helps reduce energy costs.

The building has two entrances. The west court, which faces 35th Avenue Southwest, is civic and formal. The east court is open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic from the High Point HOPE VI development. A book return, bike racks, parking and outdoor reading areas also are located in the east court.

Near the east entry is our "Scholar's Tree" (sophora japonica). It’s traditionally planted at places of learning throughout Asia.