• Half An Inch of Water: Stories

    Half An Inch of Water: Stories

    Everett, Percival

    A new collection of stories set in the West from "one of the most gifted and versatile of contemporary writers" (NPR) Percival Everett's long-awaited new collection of stories, his first since 2004's Damned If I Do , finds him traversing the West with characteristic restlessness. A deaf Native American girl wanders off into the desert and is found untouched in a den of rattlesnakes. A young boy copes with the death of his sister by angling for an unnaturally large trout in the creek where she drowned. An old woman rides her horse into a mountain snowstorm and sees a long-dead beloved dog. For the plainspoken men and women of these stories--fathers and daughters, sheriffs and veterinarians--small events trigger sudden shifts in which the ordinary becomes unfamiliar. A harmless comment about how to ride a horse changes the course of a relationship, a snakebite gives rise to hallucinations, and the hunt for a missing man reveals his uncanny resemblance to an actor. Half an Inch of Water tears through the fabric of the everyday to examine what lies beneath the surface of these lives. In the hands of master storyteller Everett, the act of questioning leads to vistas more strange and unsettling than could ever have been expected. (syndetics)

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  • When Hell Came to Texas

    When Hell Came to Texas

    Vaughan, Robert

    "In the days after the Civil War, a solitary rider travelled the open frontier--but he wasn't alone, for Death seemed to travel with him. Or maybe it was the Devil himself who gave him the lethal pistol shot that earned him the name 'Death's Acolyte.' And when the stranger with the scarred face, who calls himself Ken Casey, rode into the peaceful Texas town of Wardell, maybe peace--for his own ravaged soul--was all he wanted. But in Wardell, all hell is about to break loose. Awaiting a train shipment of gold, Angus Pugh and his army of outlaws, including notorious gunslinger Luke Draco, take the town hostage and kill a few innocent citizens as a lesson to any comers. Donning priestly vestments, Ken Casey, ordained man of the cloth, steps from the shadows to conduct the victims' funeral rites--and that's just his first revelation. For Casey can destroy souls as easily as he saves them, and earthly justice is delivered in gun smoke and blood"--

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  • 45-caliber Desperado

    45-caliber Desperado

    Brandvold, Peter

    Cuno Massey killed a pack of deputy U.S. Marshals, but only because the men were about to rape the women he was escorting to safety. Thrown into a federal penitentiary, Massey faces a death sentence--until the beautiful Camilla and her cutthroat gang bust him out and head for the Mexican border.

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  • The Sisters Brothers: [a Novel]

    The Sisters Brothers: [a Novel]

    deWitt, Patrick

    Hermann Kermit Warm is going to die. The enigmatic and powerful man known only as the Commodore has ordered it, and his henchmen, Eli and Charlie Sisters, will make sure of it. Though Eli doesn't share his brother's appetite for whiskey and killing, he's never known anything else. But their prey isn't an easy mark, and while on the hunt, Eli begins to question what he does, and whom he does it for.

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  • A Calder at Heart

    A Calder at Heart

    Dailey, Janet

    "Emotionally ravaged by the loss of his wife and children, former US Army major Logan Hunter heads to Blue Moon to salvage whatever peace he can. Yet settling into his new home is fraught with challenges, especially since Logan's land borders the rival Dollarhide spread, pitting Logan against an adversary who stirs him like no other. From her first encounter with Logan, Dr. Kristin Dollarhide feels an instant connection to the sorrow in his beautiful eyes. Despite her instinct to steer clear, Kristin is drawn to the handsome widower. Until the raging conflict takes a tragic turn, threatening all hope for their future"--

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