• The Blue Mustang

    The Blue Mustang

    Fisher, Clay

    Young Button Starbuck and his brothers had a mighty shock when their father had been killed in his own home, but Starbuck vowed to wreak his revenge - to trace Buchanan and kill him. Starbuck was a boy who had never aimed a gun in anger nor been more than a day's ride from his home in his life. That was about to change. (syndetics)

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  • The Virginian: A Horseman of the Plains

    The Virginian: A Horseman of the Plains

    Wister, Owen

    Considered the greatest western of all time-- "When you call me that, smile " finds its origins in the book--this classic tells the story of the Wyoming ranch foreman known only as the Virginian, his courtship of school teacher Molly Wood, and his encounters with the murdering cattle rustler, Trampas. Made into a feature film no less than five times since it was first published in 1902, The Virginian was voted by the Western American Writers in 1977 as the greatest western novel of all time. The 100th Anniversary Edition, published in cooperation with the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, features specially commissioned art from contemporary western artist Thom Ross in two editions, a trade and a limited. The limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist, is encased in a clamshell box and also includes an additional Ross lithograph. (syndetics)

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  • The Nirvana Blues

    The Nirvana Blues

    Nichols, John Treadwell

    The seventies are over. All across America, the overgrown kids of the middle class are getting their acts together--and getting older. The once-tight Chicano community of Chamisaville is long gone, and the Anglo power brokers control almost everything. Joe Miniver--faithful husband, loving father, and all-around good guy--is about to sink roots. To buy the land he wants, he dreams up a coke scam that will net him the necessary bread. Joe is also about to embark on a series of erotic adventures with three headstrong women, bringing him face-to-face with the terrors (and absurdity) of the modern man-woman scene. This final volume in the New Mexico trilogy, like its predecessors, is a lusty, visionary novel that blends comedy and tragedy, reality and fantasy, tenderness and bite, to illuminate some very troubling truths about America--truths no less pointed and accurate today than they were twenty years ago. John Nichols is the author of nine novels and six works of nonfiction. He lives in Northern New Mexico. (syndetics)

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