• Merci Suárez Changes Gears

    Merci Suárez Changes Gears

    Medina, Meg

    Merci Suu00e1rez knew that sixth grade would be different, but she had no idea just how different. For starters, Merci has never been like the other kids at her private school in Florida, because she and her older brother, Roli, are scholarship students. They don't have a big house or a fancy boat, and they have to do extra community service to make up for their free tuition. So when bossy Edna Santos sets her sights on the new boy who happens to be Merci's school-assigned Sunshine Buddy, Merci becomes the target of Edna's jealousy. Things aren't going well at home, either: Merci's grandfather and most trusted ally, Lolo, has been acting strangely lately -- forgetting important things, falling from his bike, and getting angry over nothing. No one in her family will tell Merci what's going on, so she's left to her own worries, while also feeling all on her own at school.

    Format: Book - 2018

    Holds: 63 on 21 copies

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  • Lion Down

    Lion Down

    Gibbs, Stuart

    For once, operations at the enormous zoo/theme park appear to be running smoothly (except for the occasional herring-related mishap in the penguin exhibit) and Teddy Fitzroy is finally able to give detective work a rest. But then a local lion is accused of killing a famous dog--and the dog's owner, an inflammatory radio host, goes on a crusade to have the cat declared a nuisance so it can be hunted. However, there's evidence that the lion might have been framed for murder and now a renegade animal activist wants Teddy and his girlfriend Summer to help prove it -- and catch the real killer. And if that wasn't enough, someone has poisoned FunJungle's beloved giraffes and the parks' owner wants Teddy on the case. Now, Teddy finds himself wrapped up in the middle of his most bizarre, hilarious, and dangerous case yet.

    Format: Book - 2019

    Holds: 57 on 15 copies

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  • Diary of An Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson's Journal

    Diary of An Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson's Journal

    Kinney, Jeff

    In his first journal, middle schooler Rowley Jefferson, Greg Heffley's sidekick, records his experiences and misguided decision to write a biography of Greg, who, in his own mind, is destined to become rich and famous.

    Format: Book - 2019

    Holds: 55 on 32 copies

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  • Dragon Pearl

    Dragon Pearl

    Lee, Yoon Ha

    Min, a thirteen-year-old girl with fox-magic, stows away on a battle cruiser and impersonates a cadet in order to solve the mystery of what happened to her older brother in the Thousand World Space Forces.

    Format: Book - 2019

    Holds: 50 on 14 copies

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  • The Hive Queen

    The Hive Queen

    Sutherland, Tui

    Growing up in the hives, Cricket has always had a million questions. Why are trees forbidden, even in art? Why do her parents seem to hate her? And the biggest, most dangerous and secret question of all: why is Cricket immune to Queen Wasp's powers? Whenever the queen takes control of all the HiveWings, speaking through their mouths and seeing through their eyes, Cricket has to hide, terrified of being discovered. Now she's hiding again, wanted for stealing the Book of Clearsight along with her new SilkWing friends, Blue and Swordtail, and the fierce LeafWing, Sundew. The fugitives need answers, and fast, in order to prevent a LeafWing attack. But Cricket has more questions than ever. How can she stay hidden and discover the queen's deadliest secret? And if she does succeed--can a powerless dragonet really do anything to topple a regime and stop a war?

    Format: Book - 2019

    Holds: 31 on 22 copies

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  • The Night Diary

    The Night Diary

    Hiranandani, Veera

    Shy twelve-year-old Nisha, forced to flee her home with her Hindu family during the 1947 partition of India, tries to find her voice and make sense of the world falling apart around her by writing to her deceased Muslim mother in the pages of her diary.

    Format: Book - 2018

    Holds: 30 on 8 copies

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  • The 104-story Treehouse

    The 104-story Treehouse

    Griffiths, Andy

    When Andy develops a severe toothache that prevents him from writing new jokes for their book, Terry uses their fantastical treehouse's money-making machine funds to purchase a Joke Writer 2000, with unexpected results.

    Format: Book - 2019

    Holds: 27 on 16 copies

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  • When A Ghost Talks, Listen: A Choctaw Trail of Tears Story

    When A Ghost Talks, Listen: A Choctaw Trail of Tears Story

    Tingle, Tim

    "Ten-year-old Isaac, now a ghost, continues with his people as they walk the Choctaw Trail of Tears headed to Indian Territory in what will one day become Oklahoma. There have been surprises aplenty on their trek, but now Isaac and his three Choctaw comrades learn they can time travel--making for an unexpected adventure. The foursome heads back in time to Washington, D.C., to bear witness for Choctaw Chief Pushmataha who has come to the nation's capital at the invitation of Andrew Jackson."--

    Format: Book - 2018

    Holds: 26 on 6 copies

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  • The War I Finally Won

    The War I Finally Won

    Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker

    "As the frightening impact of World War II creeps closer and closer to her door, eleven-year-old Ada learns to manage life on the home front"--

    Format: Book - 2017

    Holds: 26 on 26 copies

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  • The Witch Elm

    The Witch Elm

    French, Tana

    "Toby is a happy-go-lucky charmer who's dodged a scrape at work and is celebrating with friends when the night takes a turn that will change his life - he surprises two burglars who beat him and leave him for dead. Struggling to recover from his injuries, beginning to understand that he might never be the same man again, he takes refuge at his family's ancestral home to care for his dying uncle Hugo. Then a skull is found in the trunk of an elm tree in the garden - and as detectives close in, Toby is forced to face the possibility that his past may not be what he has always believed.-- (4/19/2019 4:49:45 AM)

    Format: Book - 2018

    Holds: 24 on 187 copies

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