• The Shotgun Wedding

    The Shotgun Wedding

    Johnstone, William W.

    Bo Creel and Scratch Morton are mighty proud of themselves. They managed to deliver five mail-order brides to the New Mexico mining town of Silverhill in one piece. The town is so grateful, they want to make Bo their marshal and Scratch his deputy. Since they don't have another cargo of brides to escort, Bo and Scratch are happy to accept the jobs - and even happier to attend the weddings of the fine young women they brought here ... As it turns out, Cecelia has two young suitors competing for her hand - a well-off rancher and a low-born...

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  • The Wicked Die Twice

    The Wicked Die Twice

    Johnstone, William W.

    Not many men get a second chance at life. But thanks to a chief U.S. marshal who needs their help, the bank-robbing duo of Jimmy 'Slash' Braddock and Melvin 'Pecos Kid' Baker are on the right side of the law. As unofficial marshals, they've agreed to pick up three prisoners from a Milestown jail and escort them to Denver. Sounds easy enough, until they learn the prisoners are an unholy trio of sadistic cutthroat killers known as Talon, Hellraisin Frank, and the Sioux called Black Pot. And they've managed to escape before Slash and Pecos even show up.

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  • Stages of the Heart

    Stages of the Heart

    Goodman, Jo

    "Experience has taught Laurel to be suspicious of the men who pass through Morrison Station. She's been running the lucrative operation that connects Colorado's small frontier town of Falls Hollow with the stagecoach line since she inherited it from her father, and she's not about to let some wandering cowboy take over the reins. But newcomer McCall Landry isn't just any gunslinger. He seems to genuinely care for Laurel, and with his rugged good looks and mysterious past, he could be the one man to finally tempt her off track ... Call Landry doesn't expect much from Falls Hollow. He...

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  • Calder Brand

    Calder Brand

    Dailey, Janet

    A first installment in a Calder series spin-off is set in the late 1800s and follows the experiences of a vengeful cowboy and an aspiring doctor whose respective ambitions are complicated by past demons and an illegitimate child.

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  • Hot Lead, Cold Justice

    Hot Lead, Cold Justice

    Spillane, Mickey

    "A killer blizzard sweeping across the Southwest threatens the livelihoods of everyone in the town of Trinidad. But it's two gunshots that fell Sheriff Caleb York's unlucky deputy. As sure as the blood pooling in the snow, York knows it was a case of mistaken identity. The bullets were meant for him. It's the first nasty step in a plan rustled up by former Quantrill's Raider Luke "Burn 'Em" Burnham - eliminate the law, corral a team to rob a bank in booming Las Vegas, New Mexico, then lay low. With a treacherous local merchant for cover, and York out...

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  • All Things Left Wild

    All Things Left Wild

    Wade, James

    "After an attempted horse theft goes tragically wrong, sixteen-year-old Caleb Bentley is on the run with his mean-spirited older brother across the American Southwest at the turn of the twentieth century. Caleb's moral compass and inner courage will be tested as they travel the harsh terrain and encounter those who have carved out a life there, for good or ill. Wealthy and bookish Randall Dawson, out of place in this rugged and violent country, is begrudgingly chasing after the Bentley brothers. With little sense of how to survive, much less how to take his revenge, Randall meets Charlotte, a woman...

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  • Outlaw Country

    Outlaw Country

    Johnstone, William W.

    Set in the early days of the Jensen family saga, this gun-blazing adventure follows Smoke and Sally from their first year of marriage to the founding of the legendary Sugarloaf Ranch.

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  • Comanche


    Riley, Brett

    "In 1887 near the tiny Texas town of Comanche, a posse finally ends the murderous career of The Piney Woods Kid in a hail of bullets. Still in the grip of blood-lust, the vigilantes hack the Kid's corpse to bits in the dead house behind the train depot. The people of Comanche rejoice. Justice has been done. A long bloody chapter in the town's history is over. The year is now 2016. Comanche police are stymied by a double murder at the train depot. Witnesses swear the killer was dressed like an old-time gunslinger. Rumors fly that it's the ghost...

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  • Pinebox Collins

    Pinebox Collins

    Miller, Rod

    When Jonathon "Pinebox" Collins loses his lower right leg to a cannonball in his first Civil War battle, the course of his life is forever changed. While recuperating, he learns "The Dismal Trade" of undertaking, the emerging art of arterial embalming, and coffin construction. His first case turns out to be the victim of Wild Bill Hickok's first showdown, and Collins crosses paths with the legendary gunfighter - and occasionally his victims - across the Old West. ... Often avoided and sometimes shunned owing to his practice of The Dismal Trade, Pinebox Collins learns to drink alone. Love eludes him...

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  • Ruthie Fear

    Ruthie Fear

    Loskutoff, Maxim

    "In this haunting parable of the American west, a young woman faces the violent past of a remote Montana valley. In Montana's Bitterroot Valley, a young Ruthie Fear sees an apparition: a strange, headless creature near a canyon creek. Raised in a trailer by her stubborn, bowhunting father, Ruthie develops a powerful connection with the natural world but struggles to find her place in a society shaped by men. As she comes of age, her small community fractures in the face of class tension and encroaching natural disaster, and the creature she saw long ago reappears. An entirely new kind...

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