• The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny

    The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny

    "Presents sixteen original and never-before-published adventures by some of today's most visionary writers who have spun wildly offbeat tales of gunmen, lawmen, magic, and weird science. These tales twist the American West into a place of darkness, shadows, sudden death, terror in the night, bold heroism, devious magic, and shocking violence. Each story blazes a new trail through very strange territory--discovering weird science, ancient evil, mythic creatures, and lightning-fast action"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • The Sweet Blue Distance

    The Sweet Blue Distance

    Donati, Sara

    "In 1857 a young midwife braves the perilous journey west from New York City to Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory in this captivating epic from Sara Donati, the international bestselling author of Where the Light Enters. Carrie Ballentyne's life was upendedin 1845 when she had to leave the only home she'd ever known in the mountains of upstate New York. With her are her widowed mother and younger brother Nathan, but the separation from Bonner, Ballentyne, and Savard relatives weighs heavily. In time Carriefinds footing as a midwife and nurse, but she never feels at ease in the city. So...

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  • Chasing the Horizon

    Chasing the Horizon

    Connealy, Mary

    "Beth Rutledge and her mother's one chance to escape Beth's tyrannical father is a wagon train heading west. Wagon train scout Jake Holt senses the secretive Beth is running from something and finds a new hope for his future in protecting her. Can they risk trusting each other with their lives -- and their hearts -- with danger threatening their every step?"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • Raven Mountain

    Raven Mountain

    Shurgot, Michael W.

    "When Johnny Redfeather, an Irish/Cheyenne Civil War veteran, and Union Colonel William Swanson escaped from Lawton Prison in Georgia in late 1864, Redfeather killed a young guard named Hank Bulger. Vowing revenge for his brother's death, Jake Bulger pursues Redfeather and Swanson to Green River in 1867. After learning that Bulger has killed Swanson, Redfeather and an orphan named Amanda retreat to his cabin high up on Raven Mountain. There, in a desperate attempt to protect everything he cherishes, while trying to preserve his own Native American heritage, Redfeather begs his gods and the mountain itself to protect them."--Back cover.

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  • A Love Discovered

    A Love Discovered

    Peterson, Tracie

    "Marybeth and Edward are compelled by their circumstances to marry as they trek west to the newly formed railroad town of Cheyenne. But life in Cheyenne is fraught with danger, and they find that they need each other more than ever. Despite the trials they face, will happiness await them in this arrangement of convenience?"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • The Milagro Beanfield War

    The Milagro Beanfield War

    Nichols, John Treadwell

    Joe Mondragon, a feisty hustler with a talent for trouble, slammed his battered pickup to a stop, tugged on his gumboots, and marched into the arid patch of ground. Carefully (and also illegally), he tapped into the main irrigation channel. And so began-though few knew it at the time-the Milagro beanfield war. But like everything else in the dirt-poor town of Milagro, it would be a patchwork war, fought more by tactical retreats than by battlefield victories. Gradually, the small farmers and sheepmen begin to rally to Joe's beanfield as the symbol of their lost rights and their lost lands....

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  • Catfish Charlie

    Catfish Charlie

    Johnstone, William W.

    As a former Texas Ranger, Charlie "Catfish Charlie" Tuttle spent the good part of his life catching outlaws. Happily retired in Wolfwater, Texas, he's content just catching fish--namely Bubba, the wily old catfish who lives in the pond near Charlie's shack and keeps slipping off Charlie's hook. He also likes hanging out with his trusty tomcat Hooligan Hank and tossing back bottles of mustang berry wine. Sure, his glory days are behind him. There's no reason for Charlie to even think about coming out of retirement. It starts with a jailbreak. Frank Thorson and his gang ride into Wolfwater to...

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  • The Big Rock Candy Mountain

    The Big Rock Candy Mountain

    Stegner, Wallace

    Bo Mason and his wife and two boys live a transient life of poverty and despair; drifting from town to town, the violent, ruthless Bo seeks his fortune. Stegner has created a masterful, harrowing saga of a family trying to survive during the lean years of the early 20th century.

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  • The Madstone

    The Madstone

    Crook, Elizabeth

    "Texas hill country, 1868. As nineteen-year-old Benjamin Shreve tends to business in his workshop, he witnesses a stagecoach strand a passenger. When the man, a treasure hunter, persuades Benjamin to help track down the vanished coach--and a mysterious fortune left aboard--Benjamin is drawn into a drama whose scope he could never have imagined, for they discover on reaching the coach that its passengers include Nell, a pregnant young woman, and her four-year-old son, Tot, who are fleeing Nell's brutal husband and his murderous brothers. Having told the Freedmen's Bureau the whereabouts of her husband's gang--a sadistic group wanted for countless...

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  • Blood to Rubies

    Blood to Rubies

    Hufford, Deborah

    Blood to Rubies is the scorching saga of injustice, love, and redemption in the western wilderness. A young frontier photographer goes West to escape the Civil War draft and settles in the Bitterroot Mountains, ancestral home of the Nez Perce Indians. There he becomes obsessed with a young Irish pioneer woman he spies swimming nude in a mountain lake. He comes to admire the Nez Perce and photographs the young leader, Chief Joseph, and a Nez Perce woman warrior (based on a real historical person). Their stories tangle in a ruthless convergence of fates. As he chronicles Chief Joseph's desperate...

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