• The Hatching: A Novel

    The Hatching: A Novel

    Boone, Ezekiel

    "An ancient race of carnivorous spiders who emerge from the center of the earth after being dormant for over ten thousand years"--

    Format: Book - 2016 First Emily Bestler BooksAtria Books hardcover edition

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  • Meddling Kids: A Novel : A Blyton Summer Detective Club Adventure

    Meddling Kids: A Novel : A Blyton Summer Detective Club Adventure

    Cantero, Edgar

    Summer 1977. The Blyton Summer Detective Club (of Blyton Hills, a small mining town in Oregon's Zoinx River Valley) solved their final mystery and unmasked the elusive Sleepy Lake monster--another low-life fortune hunter trying to get his dirty hands on the legendary riches hidden in Debou00ebn Mansion. And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids. 1990. The former detectives have grown up and apart, each haunted by disturbing memories of their final night in the old haunted house. There are too many strange, half-remembered encounters and events that cannot be dismissed or explained away by a guy in a mask. And Andy, the once intrepid tomboy now wanted in two states, is tired of running from her demons. She needs answers. To find them she will need Kerri, the one-time kid genius and budding biologist, now drinking her ghosts away in New York with Tim, an excitable Weimaraner descended from the original canine member of the club. They will also have to get Nate, the horror nerd currently residing in an asylum in Arkham, Massachusetts. Luckily Nate has not lost contact with Peter, the handsome jock turned movie star who was once their team leader which is remarkable, considering Peter has been dead for years. The time has come to get the team back together, face their fears, and find out what actually happened all those years ago at Sleepy Lake. It's their only chance to end the nightmares and, perhaps, save the world.

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 0 on 15 copies

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  • Widow's Point

    Widow's Point

    Chizmar, Richard T.

    Longtime residents of Harper's Cove believe that something is wrong with the Widow's Point Lighthouse. Some say it's cursed. Others claim it's haunted. Originally built in 1838, three workers were killed during the lighthouse's construction, including one who mysteriously plunged to his death from the catwalk. That tragic accident was never explained, and it was just the beginning of the terror. In the decades that followed, nearly two dozen additional deaths occurred in or around the lighthouse including cold-blooded murder, suicide, unexplained accidents and disappearances, the slaughter of an entire family, and the inexplicable death of a Hollywood starlet who was filming a movie on the grounds. The lighthouse was finally shuttered tight in 1988 and a security fence was erected around the property. No one has been inside since. Until tonight. Thomas Livingston is the acclaimed author of thirteen books about the supernatural and this evening he will enter the Widow's Point Lighthouse, searching for material for his next bestseller. He will be locked inside for the weekend with no way of contacting the outside world. And although no human has stepped foot inside the structure in nearly three decades, Livingston will not be alone.

    Format: Book - 2018 Trade hardcover edition

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  • Universal Harvester

    Universal Harvester

    Darnielle, John

    Jeremy works at the Video Hut in Nevada, Iowa in the late 1990s, and he has a problem--someone is altering the video tapes, inserting poorly lit home video scenes which are odd, sometimes violent, and deeply disquieting. There are recognizable landmarks from just outside of town. As Jeremy investigates, he becomes part of an impossible search for something someone once lost--and would do anything to regain.

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 3 on 25 copies

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  • The Twenty Days of Turin

    The Twenty Days of Turin

    De Maria, Giorgio

    In the spare wing of a church-run sanatorium, some zealous youths create "the Library," a space where lonely citizens can read one another's personal diaries and connect with like-minded souls in "dialogues across the ether." But when their scribblings devolve into the ugliest confessions of the macabre, the Library's users learn too late that a malicious force has consumed their privacy and their sanity. As the city of Turin suffers a twenty-day "phenomenon of collective psychosis" culminating in nightly massacres that hundreds of witnesses cannot explain, the Library is shut down and erased from history. That is, until a lonely salaryman decides to investigate these mysterious events, which the citizenry of Turin fear to mention. Inevitably drawn into the city's occult netherworld, he unearths the stuff of modern nightmares: what's shared can never be unshared.

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 0 on 6 copies

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  • My Best Friend's Exorcism

    My Best Friend's Exorcism

    Hendrix, Grady

    1988. Charleston, South Carolina. High school sophomores Abby and Gretchen have been best friends since fourth grade. But after an evening of skinnydipping goes disastrously wrong, Gretchen begins to act--different. She's moody. She's irritable. And bizarre incidents keep happening whenever she's nearby. Abby's investigation leads her to some startling discoveries--and by the time their story reaches its terrifying conclusion, the fate of Abby and Gretchen will be determined by a single question: Is their friendship powerful enough to beat the devil?

    Format: Book - 2016

    Holds: 2 on 4 copies

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  • Strange Weather: Four Short Novels

    Strange Weather: Four Short Novels

    Hill, Joe

    "Snapshot" is the disturbing story of a Silicon Valley adolescent who finds himself threatened by "The Phoenician," a tattooed thug who possesses a Polaroid Instant Camera that erases memories, snap by snap.

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 0 on 17 copies

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  • The Grip of It

    The Grip of It

    Jemc, Jac

    "Julie and James settle into a house in a small town outside the city where they met. The move--prompted by James's penchant for gambling, his inability to keep his impulses in check--is quick and seamless; both Julie and James are happy to leave behind their usual haunts and start afresh. But this house, which sits between lake and forest, has plans for the unsuspecting couple. As Julie and James try to settle into their home and their relationship, the house and its surrounding terrain become the locus of increasingly strange happenings. The architecture--claustrophobic, riddled with hidden rooms within rooms--becomes unrecognizable, decaying before their eyes. Stains are animated on the wall--contracting, expanding--and map themselves onto Julie's body in the form of bruises; mold spores taint the water that James pours from the sink. Together the couple embark on a panicked search for the source of their mutual torment, a journey that mires them in the history of their peculiar neighbors and the mysterious residents who lived in the house before Julie and James."--

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 7 on 5 copies

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  • Mapping the Interior

    Mapping the Interior

    Jones, Stephen Graham

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 1 on 7 copies

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  • The Hunger

    The Hunger

    Katsu, Alma

    "A retelling of the fate of the Donner Party, with a supernatural twist"-- (7/24/2019 2:38:40 AM)

    Format: Book - 2018

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