• A Black Women's History of the United States

    A Black Women's History of the United States

    Berry, Daina Ramey

    This survey of the experience of Black women in America starts before the Atlantic slave trade and ends with contemporary protest movements. Individual stories are combined with analysis of broader themes into a readable narrative.

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  • Great State

    Great State

    Brook, Timothy

    A historian at the University of British Columbia provides an accessible and fascinating account of China’s engagement with the rest of the world from the 13th century to the present.

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  • Tombstone


    Clavin, Tom

    Digging deep into the historic record to separate fact from fiction, Clavin presents a carefully researched and highly readable account of the most famous shootout in American western frontier history.

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  • No Stopping Us Now

    No Stopping Us Now

    Collins, Gail

    Collins’ lively and informative survey begins in Colonial times and ends in the modern era, examining the accomplishments of a variety of individual women as well as society’s changing perceptions of aging and women.

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  • A Furious Sky

    A Furious Sky

    Dolin, Eric Jay

    A vivid account of North America’s experiences with hurricanes, from the time of Columbus’ voyages to the more recent disasters in Puerto Rico, revealing how these forces of nature have impacted key moments in history.

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  • Walking the Old Road

    Walking the Old Road

    Drouillard, Staci Lola

    Drawing on oral and family history, Drouillard provides a moving account of the history of her Ojibwe ancestors, incorporating a strong sense of place (the North Shore of Lake Superior).

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  • The Second Founding

    The Second Founding

    Foner, Eric

    Foner, a Pulitzer Prize-winning legal scholar, lucidly examines how the U.S. Constitution was changed by the amendments passed at the end of the Civil War, and how those changes continue to have an impact today.

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  • Stony the Road

    Stony the Road

    Gates, Henry Louis, Jr

    A powerful analysis of the period following the Civil War, and how the blatant racism (including visual stereotypes) of that period continue to adversely affect us today.

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  • Iron Empires

    Iron Empires

    Hiltzik, Michael A.

    An energetic account of the titanic growth of the railroad industry in the late 1800s, emphasizing the many colorful characters involved, both the wealthy barons and the working men in the emerging labor movement.

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  • The Pandemic Century

    The Pandemic Century

    Honigsbaum, Mark

    This book looks at the numerous catastrophic disease outbreaks – some well-known and some obscure - of the 20th century, and the scientists and others who have battled them.

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