• Blame This on the Boogie

    Blame This on the Boogie

    Ayuyang, Rina

    "Inspired by the visual richness and cinematic structure of the Hollywood Musical, Blame this on the Boogie chronicles the adventures of a Filipino American girl born in the decade of disco who escapes life's hardships and mundanity through through the genre's feel good song and dance numbers. Ayuyang explores how the glowing charm of the silver screen can transform one's reality, shaping their approach to childhood, relationships, sports, reality TV, and eventually politics, parenthood, and mortality."--

    Format: Graphic Novel - 2018 First edition

    Holds: 6 on 5 copies

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  • The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir

    The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir

    Bui, Thi

    The author describes her experiences as a young Vietnamese immigrant, highlighting her family's move from their war-torn home to the United States in graphic novel format.

    Format: Graphic Novel - 2017

    Holds: 12 on 111 copies

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  • Everything Is Flammable

    Everything Is Flammable

    Bell, Gabrielle

    Format: Graphic Novel - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 0 on 5 copies

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  • Alpha: Abidjan to Paris

    Alpha: Abidjan to Paris


    "Determined to reunite with his family, Alpha sets off from his home in Cote d'Ivoire, bound for Paris, where his sister-in-law has a hair salon near the Gare du Nord train station. Alpha's wife and son left for France months ago, traveling without visas, and he has heard nothing from them since. With a visa, Alpha's journey would take a matter of hours. Without one, he is adrift for over a year, encountering human traffickers in the desert, refugee camps in Mali and Algeria, overcrowded boats carrying migrants between the Canary Islands and Europe's southern coast, and a cast of companions lost and found along the way. Throughout, Alpha stays the course, carrying his loved ones' photograph close to his heart as he makes his perilous trek across the continent --

    Format: Graphic Novel - 2018 First edition

    Holds: 0 on 4 copies

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  • Unreal City

    Unreal City

    Bryant, D. J.

    Format: Graphic Novel - 2017

    Holds: 0 on 3 copies

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  • Why Art?

    Why Art?

    Davis, Eleanor

    A treatise on what makes art art, told in graphic novel form.

    Format: Book - 2018 Fourth edition, First Fantagraphics Books edition

    Holds: 0 on 10 copies

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  • Hostage


    Delisle, Guy

    "In the middle of the night in 1997, Doctors Without Borders administrator Christophe Andru00e9 was kidnapped by armed men and taken away to an unknown destination in the Caucasus region. For three months, Andru00e9 was kept handcuffed in solitary confinement, with little to survive on and almost no contact with the outside world. Close to twenty years later, award-winning cartoonist Guy Delisle ... recounts Andru00e9's harrowing experience in Hostage, a book that attests to the power of one man's determination in the face of a hopeless situation."--

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 1 on 7 copies

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  • My Favorite Thing Is Monsters: Book One

    My Favorite Thing Is Monsters: Book One

    Ferris, Emil

    "Set against the tumultuous political backdrop of late '60s Chicago, and narrated by 10-year-old Karen Reyes, Monsters is told is told through a fictional graphic diary employing the iconography of B-movie horror imagery and pulp monster magazines. As the precocious Karen Reyes tries to solve the murder of her beautiful and enigmatic upstairs neighbor, Anka Silverberg, a holocaust survivor, we watch the interconnected and fascinating stories of those around her unfold" -- Front cover flap.

    Format: Graphic Novel - 2016 First Fantagraphics Books Edition

    Holds: 1 on 36 copies

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  • Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice From My Bipolar Life

    Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice From My Bipolar Life

    Forney, Ellen

    "Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice From My Bipolar Life is the eagerly awaited sequel/companion book to Forney's 2012 best-selling graphic memoir, Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me. Whereas Marbles was a memoir about her bipolar disorder, Rock Steady turns the focus outward, offering a self-help guide of tips, tricks and tools by someone who has been through it all and come through stronger for it."--Amazon.com.

    Format: Graphic Novel - 2018

    Holds: 4 on 44 copies

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  • Bingo Love

    Bingo Love

    Franklin, Tee

    "When Hazel Johnson and Mari McCray met at church bingo in 1963, it was love at first sight. Forced apart by their families and society, Hazel and Mari both married young men and had families. Decades later, now in their mid-'60s, Hazel and Mari reunite again at a church bingo hall. Realizing their love for each other is still alive, what these grandmothers do next takes absolute strength and courage."--Amazon.com. (12/5/2019 2:46:17 PM)

    Format: Graphic Novel - 2018

    Holds: 0 on 31 copies

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