• Lot Six

    Lot Six

    Adjmi, David

    Growing up in a socially conservative Syrian Jewish immigrant colony in Brooklyn, a young gay man breaks free of constraints as he develops into an award-winning playwright among the community of characters and language of Brooklyn.

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  • The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez

    The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez

    Bobrow-Strain, Aaron

    Brought to the United States as a child, Aida was deported to Mexico years later and separated from her son, leading her to fight to return to her home and child despite detention centers and immigration nightmares.

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  • Half Broke

    Half Broke

    Gaffney, Ginger

    At a prison ranch, horses and prisoners both arrive broken in some way, in a memoir that intertwines their healing with the writer’s life of painful childhood, followed by a career with horses, and successfully coming out as a lesbian.

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  • Soaring to Glory

    Soaring to Glory

    Handleman, Philip

    Vividly recalled from the cockpit of air battle, or in the footsteps of civil rights injustices, an African American fighter pilot recreates a time when heroism was necessary, during and after the war.

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  • The Beauty in Breaking

    The Beauty in Breaking

    Harper, Michele

    An African American female ER physician compassionately explains how her life and her experience with patients caused her to see that all humans are broken, and through that acknowledgment, resilience and healing can emerge.

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  • Children of the Land

    Children of the Land

    Hernandez Castillo, Marcelo

    Growing up with borders in his life, a formerly undocumented immigrant observes the effects of the trauma of a parent deported, discovering his bisexuality, and intergenerational cultural experiences in an intimately but inventively told memoir.

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  • Good Talk

    Good Talk

    Jacob, Mira

    Humor and openness spur this touching graphic memoir of conversations between a mother and a mixed-race six-year-old that reflect the complications of questions about race, sexuality, love, and family.

    Format: Downloadable Graphic Novel

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  • The Magical Language of Others

    The Magical Language of Others

    Koh, EJ

    In a poignant memoir, found letters spark the exploration of three generations of a Korean-American family’s traumas and recoveries in Asia and America, as told through the power of language and expression of daughter, mother, and grandmother.

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  • What We Carry

    What We Carry

    Lang, Maya

    Self-discovery is in the balance while raising a child and struggling with a fading mother in light of a burdened mother-daughter relationship, and emotions are rawly exposed in a poetic memoir of shifting family roles and relationships.

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  • My Sister

    My Sister

    Leyva, Selenis

    Two sisters share a journey as women of color on the way to love and self-realization; media star Selenis and family strives to support Marizol, a trans woman activist, with her transition and new identity.  

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