• Eyes That Kiss in the Corners

    Eyes That Kiss in the Corners

    Ho, Joanna

    A young Asian girl notices that her eyes look different from her peers'. They have big, round eyes and long lashes. She realizes that her eyes are like her mother’s, her grandmother's, and her little sister's. They have eyes that kiss in the corners and glow like warm tea, crinkle into crescent moons, and are filled with stories of the past and hope for the future.

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  • Lupe Wong Won't Dance

    Lupe Wong Won't Dance

    Higuera, Donna Barba

    Lupe Wong is going to be the first female pitcher in the Major Leagues. She's also championed causes her whole young life. Some worthy…like expanding the options for race on school tests beyond just a few bubbles. And some not so much…like complaining to the BBC about the length between Doctor Who seasons. If 12-year-old ace pitcher Lupe gets all As this year, her uncle Hector, who works for the Seattle Mariners, has promised to secure a meetup with fellow “Chinacan” pitcher Fu Li Hernandez, “the first Asian/Latino pitcher in the major leagues.” Lupe needs an A in all her classes in order to meet her favorite pitcher. So when the horror that is square dancing rears its head in gym? Obviously she's not gonna let that slide.

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  • Measuring up

    Measuring up

    LaMotte, Lily

    Twelve-year-old Cici has just moved from Taiwan to Seattle, and the only thing she wants more than to fit in at her new school is to celebrate her grandmother, A-má’s, seventieth birthday together. Since she can’t go to A-má, Cici cooks up a plan to bring A-má to her by winning the grand prize in a kids’ cooking contest in Seattle, her new hometown, to pay for A-má’s plane ticket! There’s just one problem: Cici only knows how to cook Taiwanese food. And after her pickled cucumber debacle at lunch, she’s determined to channel her inner Julia Child. Can Cici find a winning recipe to reunite with A-má, a way to fit in with her new friends, and somehow find herself too.

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  • My Fate According to the Butterfly

    My Fate According to the Butterfly

    Villanueva, Gail D.

    Ten-year-old Filipina Sabrina “Sab” Dulce believes all the superstitions her artist dad used to tell her before he and Mom split up. So, when she sees the Butterfly, a giant black omen of death, she knows she only has a week left to live. Determined to make the most of her last days, she convinces her American best friend, Pepper, a white girl, to help her reunite her family. Sab must uncover the truth behind the broken relationship between her college-age sister, Ate Nadine, and their father. Spying on her sister’s journalism work and adventuring across Manila, Sab discovers family secrets that change her forever. Villanueva’s debut is a beautiful #ownvoices middle-grade novel. Tough topics—the brutal war on drugs in the Philippines, family reconciliation, and recovery—are addressed, but warmth and humor, often in the vehicle of Sab’s pet duck, bring lightness to Sab’s story.

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  • The Ocean Calls

    The Ocean Calls

    Cho, Tina M.

    The Ocean Calls is a story about family bonding between a Korean girl and her haenyeo grandmother who is a a diver of generations along the Coast of Jeju Island. The girl looks up to her grandmother and wishes to emulate her strength one day like her grandmother. When the girl dives for the first time with her grandmother, she is unable to recover anything from the bottom of the sea except for some of her greatest fears. However, her grandmother shows support in her journey and growth, and helps her find many things to appreciate in the ocean. Grandmother's affirming words and deep caring for her granddaughter is heartwarming. The girl's courage and while respecting this important work that's been traditionally done my women.

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  • 'Ohana Means Family

    'Ohana Means Family

    Loomis, Ilima

    This is the land that's never been sold, where work the hands, so wise and old, that reach through the water, clear and cold, into the mud to pick the taro to make the poi for our ohana's luau. Acclaimed illustrator and animator Kenard Pak's light-filled, dramatic illustrations pair exquisitely with Ilima Loomis' text to celebrate Hawaiian land and culture. The backmatter includes a glossary of Hawaiian terms used, as well as an author's note.

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  • When You Trap A Tiger

    When You Trap A Tiger

    Keller, Tae

    When Lily and her family move in with her sick grandmother, a magical tiger straight out of her halmoni's Korean folktales arrives, prompting Lily to unravel a secret family history. Long, long ago, Halmoni stole something from the tigers. Now, the tigers want it back. And when one of those tigers offers Lily a deal--return what Halmoni stole in exchange for Halmoni's health--Lily is tempted to accept. But deals with tigers are never what they seem! With the help of her sister and her new friend Ricky, Lily must find her voice... and the courage to face a tiger. TAE KELLER was born and raised in Honolulu, where she grew up on purple rice, Spam musubi, and her halmoni’s tiger stories. She is the Newbery Medal-winning author of When You Trap a Tiger. She lives in Seattle

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  • A Big Mooncake for Little Star

    A Big Mooncake for Little Star

    Lin, Grace

    Award-winning, bestselling author-illustrator Grace Lin creates a heartwarming original story. Through a lovely conversation with mom and girl, it explains phases of the moon.

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  • The Bridge Home

    The Bridge Home

    Venkatraman, Padma

    Life is harsh on the teeming streets of Chennai, India, so when runaway sisters Viji and Rukku arrive, their prospects look grim. Very quickly, eleven-year-old Viji discovers how vulnerable they are in this uncaring, dangerous world. Beautifully written novel about young people who must use their instincts and grit to survive.

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  • Bush Bash

    Bush Bash

    Morgan, Sally

    Where is dingo dashing off to? Come and join the Bush Bash to find out—there are animals to count, things to find, and a surprise on the last page!

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