• Mike & Me

    Mike & Me

    Peel, Rosalys

    Rosalys Peel shares her experience with the life she and her husband built after his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s. Throughout his illness, they stayed together in their own home and developed a resilient and changing support system.

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  • Is It Alzheimer's?

    Is It Alzheimer's?

    Rabins, Peter V.

    This short guide provides basic information in an easy-to-find question and answer format. The author has chosen questions asked by patients during his long clinical career at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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  • The Elderwise Way

    The Elderwise Way

    Sabersky, Sandy

    Sandy Sabersky is the founding director of Elderwise, a Seattle area model adult day program for elders experiencing memory loss. She outlines her philosophy of spirit-centered care and the creation of person-centered relationships and community.

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  • Memory's Last Breath

    Memory's Last Breath

    Saunders, Gerda

    Gerda Saunders kept a journal after she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 61. Her ‘"dementia field notes” form the basis for this often-funny memoir interspersing philosophical musings with the quotidian frustrations of losing her memory.

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  • Before I Forget

    Before I Forget

    Smith, B.

    The voice of celebrity chef B. Smith alternates with the voice of her husband as they describe their experiences with her early onset Alzheimer’s. Her husband also addresses the high incidence of Alzheimer’s in the Black community and his work as a spokesperson for increased research funding and Black participation in research trials.

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  • TEDTalks


    With humor, Alanna Shaikh reflects on her father’s dementia and identifies three areas of focus for herself: the development of hobbies (so that she has skills for a future of declining cognition), physical health and strength, and becoming a better person.

    Format: Streaming Video

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  • Aliceheimer's


    Walrath, Dana

    A medical anthropologist explores the journey with her mother, Alice, through the phases of Alice's Alzheimer's disease. She uses drawings and narrative to process her own feelings and to find the humanity of a person with dementia.

    Format: Book

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  • I'm Still Here

    I'm Still Here

    Zeisel, John

    Dr. John Zeisel, an environmental designer, offers insights into the most effective social and physical environments for long term care facilities for individuals living with memory loss.

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  • Alzheimer's Association

    Alzheimer's Association

    Find support groups, resources for care partners, current research, and a 24-hour hotline from the national organization and the Washington Chapter.

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  • UW Medicine Memory and Brain Wellness Center

    UW Medicine Memory and Brain Wellness Center

    Find clinical, research and educational programs, including support groups.

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