• Smartphone Photography in Easy Steps

    Smartphone Photography in Easy Steps

    Vandome, Nick

    Smartphone cameras have evolved from being useful for taking quick snapshots, to being powerful and sophisticated devices that, for many people, have replaced the need to use a separate camera. It is now possible to take high-quality photos, edit them and then share them in a variety of ways, all from your smartphone. Looks at all aspects of using your smartphone or tablet as a one-stop shop for all of your photographic needs.

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  • Simple Photo Edits On Your Phone | Lynda.com

    Simple Photo Edits On Your Phone | Lynda.com

    The Seattle Public Library offers patrons free access to Lynda.com's entire library of streaming tutorials. To log in, visit https://ezproxy.spl.org/login?url=http://www.lynda.com/portal/sip?org=spl.organd enter your library card number and PIN. In this online course you'll learn how to use the built-in photo editing tools on your phone to enhance and improve your pictures. Other Lynda.com courses you may be interested in include "iPhone and iPad Photography with iOS 12" and "Mobile Photography: Image Management."

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  • Smartphone Photography

    Smartphone Photography

    Part of the "Fundamentals of Photography II" series, this instructional streaming video will help you "transform how you use your smartphone's camera and work smarter with panoramic shots, different filters, and much more."

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  • IPhone Photography for Everybody

    IPhone Photography for Everybody

    Fagans, Michael

    Learn to capture more powerful and engaging images with your iPhone. Too often, we use our iPhones just to 'grab' a few ho-hum shots that do little more than document how things looked. As Michael Fagans demonstrates in this book, taking a few extra moments to consider our subjects and the best way to depict them can take our shots from boring to brilliant! Hone your powers of observation to detect the most promising photo opportunities. Make the most of everyday scenes and subjects. Compose more dynamic and appealing photos.

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  • Phone Photography for Everybody

    Phone Photography for Everybody

    Alesse, Beth

    Still life images are an immense part of our daily media creations. Whether we are a professional or just someone with a phone in our pocket, we use the iPhone as the go-to tool to trans form objects to document our things, make remembrances, create product shots for Amazon and Ebay, record our lives, and yes, make our art. Learn to use this very sophisticated and everyday pocket tool, the iPhone, to transform your still lifes. Use apps to bring your images to the elevated status of art and professional imagery. This book will show you how to start to make gorgeous still lifes with your innate camera and phone apps, then press further to basic equipment, lenses, and easy app use, and finally to use inspiring software that is in the realm of the professional photographer and designer. These tools and your imagination can help you create traditional still lives or push them to the brink of new and edgy graphic styles.

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  • How to Rule at Photography

    How to Rule at Photography

    Rule at photography! Creating brilliant photos with your phone isn't as hard as you might think. The 50 easy-to-follow, irresistibly illustrated tips included in this book go way beyond selfie help. They'll take your shots from unremarkable to unforgettable-and help you develop your own personal style along the way. Let these deceptively simple tips help you unleash your inner creativity and upgrade your social media feed as you start snapping truly regal shots using only your phone.

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  • The IPhone Photography Book

    The IPhone Photography Book

    Kelby, Scott

    An award-winning photographer, in this long-awaited book fully dedicated to iPhone photography, shares his secrets and shooting advice for capturing truly amazing pictures with an iPhone.

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  • ‎Snapseed on the App Store

    ‎Snapseed on the App Store

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