• Slow AF Run Club

    Slow AF Run Club

    Evans, Martinus

    "Evans, whose Slow AF Run Club blog offers tips for "slow and beginner runners," debuts with an empathetic guide on how "nontraditional runners" (those "in larger bodies," with disabilities, or in their later years) can take up the sport." (Publishers Weekly)

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  • Dyscalculia


    Felix, Camonghne

    "A poet’s tale of heartbreak applies dyscalculia’s meaning literally as well as metaphorically in order to understand a pattern of relationships. A wildly smart, singular redemption story that is greater than the sum of its parts."(Kirkus)

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  • But Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

    But Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

    Flam, Laura

    "Loud, long-overdue applause for some of pop music’s most talented singers. In this collaboration, Flam ... and Liebowitz ... unfold an extensive oral history of the many dynamic girl groups from roughly 1950 to 1970." (Kirkus)

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  • Strip Tees

    Strip Tees

    Flannery, Kate

    "A former clothing industry insider dishes on the anti-feminist excesses of a company she once embraced but then later called a cult. A candid and provocative memoir." (Kirkus)

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  • The Upstairs Delicatessen

    The Upstairs Delicatessen

    Garner, Dwight

    "A wonderful mix of culinary memoir, literary reference, how-to in indulgence. Grab some snacks and dig in." (Kirkus)

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  • The Wager

    The Wager

    Grann, David

    "A new account of the Wager Mutiny, in which a shipwrecked and starving British naval crew abandoned their captain on a desolate Patagonian island, emphasizes the extreme hardships routinely faced by eighteenth-century seafarers as well as the historical resonance of the dramatic 1741 event." (Booklist)

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  • Three Rocks

    Three Rocks

    Griffith, Bill

    "One master of comics arts pays tribute to another in this inventive graphic biography of Ernie Bushmiller (1905–1982), creator of the long-running strip Nancy. It’s a surprisingly satisfying homage to an undersung artist." (Publishers Weekly)

    Format: Graphic Novel

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  • Creep


    Gurba, Myriam

    "These powerful essays by Gurba reflect on violence against women and discrimination against people of color. Full of lean prose and biting commentary, this is as emotionally heavy as it is hard to put down." (Publishers Weekly)

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  • Hijab Butch Blues

    Hijab Butch Blues

    H, Lamya

    "A queer Muslim writer and organizer chronicles a life navigating between religion and culture. As the author examines her evolving relationship to her religion, she also vibrantly explores what it means to live with an open-minded, open-hearted activist seeking to change the world for the better. A hopeful and uplifting memoir." (Kirkus)

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  • Still Life With Bones

    Still Life With Bones

    Hagerty, Alexa

    "An anthropologist recounts sifting through the remains left by horrific crimes in Guatemala and Argentina. A powerful meditation on life, death, and sorting out what can be saved of death in life." (Kirkus)

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