• Promise Boys

    Promise Boys

    Brooks, Nick

    When the super strict principal of a tough charter school is found murdered, J.B., Ramón, and Trey are immediately under suspicion, and must find the killer before they are caught.

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  • How to Live Without You

    How to Live Without You

    Everett, Sarah

    Six years after their parents divorce, two sisters must find their way back to each other, although it's not clear whether one of them wants to be found.

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  • The Getaway

    The Getaway

    Giles, Lamar

    Jay's life at Karloff Country - the place wealthy people go to when they want to escape the world's troubles - is well-paid, fun, and secure, until one of his friends and coworkers (and her family) goes missing with no explanation, and the wealthy guests refuse to leave.

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  • We Deserve Monuments

    We Deserve Monuments

    Hammonds, Jas

    When Avery and her parents visit her dying grandmother, who she barely knows, she is not prepared for the old woman's anger, nor for the town's cover-up of its racist history. Fortunately, her two new friends can help her handle her family and solve the puzzle of an unsolved murder.

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  • The Weight of Blood

    The Weight of Blood

    Jackson, Tiffany D.

    Following her strict father's orders, Maddy has always passed as white at her school, but one rainy day reveals to her classmates that she is biracial, and the bullying that follows awakens an energy in her that will erupt at the school's first integrated prom.

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  • African Town

    African Town

    Latham, Irene

    Defying laws preventing further enslavement of Africans, a white captain wages big money that he can import a shipful of people from Africa to America against their will.

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  • Now Let Me Fly

    Now Let Me Fly

    Wimberly, Ronald

    The true story of Eugene Bullard, one of the first Black fighter pilots, as he makes his way from Jim Crow America to Europe to live freely and eventually fly a plane in World War One.

    Format: Graphic Novel

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