• Warrior Girl Unearthed

    Warrior Girl Unearthed

    Boulley, Angeline

    Working at a summer job that brings her to the local tribal heritage museum, Perry learns of the Warrior Girl, an ancestor of her people whose bones and knives are kept in the museum. Digging into the law, she hatches a plan with some other teens to return their ancestor to her proper burial ground.

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  • A Beautiful Rebellion

    A Beautiful Rebellion

    Bouvier, Rita

    Rita Bouvier writes poems about her childhood near the river, the loss of her beloved, the struggle with grief and the loss of her ancestral lands, and how she deals with trying to make things right.

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  • Funeral Songs for Dying Girls

    Funeral Songs for Dying Girls

    Dimaline, Cherie

    Winifred lives with her father next to the local cemetery, where her mother is buried. When some community members see her walking the grounds at night, they think the place is haunted, but when she meets and falls for Phil, a ghost of a girl who lived and died nearby, she fears the new haunted cemetery tour will threaten their relationship.

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  • The Everlasting Road

    The Everlasting Road

    Kinew, Wab

    After losing her beloved brother to cancer, Bugz returns to the Floraverse to heal her soul. Her time away from the virtual world has allowed her to gain strength, and she has been working on a bot that is both a source of strength and comfort. But when she shows her bot to her best friend, its powers grow beyond anyone's control.

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  • Harvest House

    Harvest House

    Smith, Cynthia Leitich

    Once the school play is canceled, Hughie looks for acting opportunities in his community. What could be better than a haunted house? Harvest House is thoroughly fake, however, with a white actor playing an Indian maiden, Hughie assigned the job of a war-whooping Indian ghost, and truly weird and unsettling things happening in the community. Meanwhile, Celeste, a Native spirit, haunts the crossroads near this haunted house, trying to protect young Native women from a mysterious man stalking them.

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