• The Agony House

    The Agony House

    Priest, Cherie

    Denise’s family moves into a dilapidated Victorian house in a gentrifying neighborhood of New Orleans. Unsettling events begin to occur in the house, as the family pours what little money they have into renovations to open a bed and breakfast. Denise discovers an old comic book in the attic and knows something appalling must have happened in this house. MS

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  • Grim Lovelies

    Grim Lovelies

    Shepherd, Megan

    In this modern fairy tale, Anouk is a Beastie, an enchanted animal in human form, who longs to be truly human. She is enthralled to the tyrannical witch who created her, doomed to always be a servant imprisoned in her grand Parisian mansion. When Mada Vittoria is murdered, Anouk has only three days to break the spell or lose her humanity forever.

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  • Thunderhead


    Shusterman, Neal

    In a world in which humanity has achieved immortality, scythes are an elite group authorized to glean human souls in order to maintain the size of the population. Scythes Citra and Rowan react very differently to the threat that now plagues the Scythedom. Meanwhile the all-seeing artificial intelligence called Thunderhead watches from afar. Sequel to Scythe.

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  • Beneath the Citadel

    Beneath the Citadel

    Soria, Destiny

    For generations, the people of this walled city have been dominated by the seers and their prophecies; citizens live in fear of persecution or even death. Cassa and her friends are part of an uprising against their oppressors. The insurgents must flee into the citadel’s underground catacombs for a perilous journey through the realm of the dead.

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  • A Room Away From the Wolves

    A Room Away From the Wolves

    Suma, Nova Ren

    Fleeing abuse, Bina finds refuge boarding at Catherine House in NYC, a haven for girls in trouble. There’s something uncanny about this antiquated Gothic house where her mother stayed years ago: a looming, eerie portrait of Catherine; secretive, cagey residents; and odd, arcane rules. The girls must never, ever, leave the house after curfew when darkness falls…

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  • The Boneless Mercies

    The Boneless Mercies

    Tucholke, April Genevieve

    In this fable based in Norse myth, the Mercies roam the countryside providing the relief of death to the gravely ill. Needed to ease the suffering of loved ones, they are still feared and shunned on their travels. These women decide to leave their quiet, marginal life, become warriors, and battle the legendary beast now carving a grisly trail through villages in faraway lands. Retelling of the epic Old English poem Beowulf.

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  • NoveList Plus

    NoveList Plus

    Looking for more great thrillers, or stories that are even more horrifying? Visit NoveList and search for your next read.

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